Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Evelyn Clark's Website is up!

I saw Evelyn last night and she told me her website is now up!

She is selling exclusive patterns and she has some other good information(tips) there.


I got to touch and see the Autumn Lace Scarf last night- so beautiful.

I bought two patterns today. The Hyacinth Lace Shawl and the Twining Leaves Lace Socks.

I'll have to add those two items to my queue in Ravelry!

Go support Evelyn. I love just about everything she designs....hence the large amount of lace yarn I have accumulated!

It is really easy to buy her patterns, isn't it? Now it is even easier because they are sent in pdf format so no waiting for it to arrive in the mailbox or trudging out in the rain to find them!

Have fun!


Heather said...

Thanks for the link - what a great resource! I love Evelyn's Triangular Scarves book.

YarnSnob said...

wow..really pretty shawl! Love it! No wonder you have a love for lace :)