Friday, September 28, 2007

Cannon Beach!

Well we(Amy, Ellen and I) made it to our destination - Cannon Beach.

We made one stop along the way - Las Favorites in Kelso Washington(yes, its a yarn shop). It was a very cute shop and the owner was very nice. I bought some yarn for a very small Noni bag.

We reached Cannon Beach at 4:45 and the yarn shop here, Coastal Yarns, closes at 5. We were driving against time. We had to get there before it closed! We got there just in time. We wanted to check out the Socks that Rock yarns they carry. The store is about a block away from where we are staying. Forget checking into the hotel first! We have our priorities straight!

It was such a beautiful drive - sunny and warm.

We checked into our room. Our room has a deck that looks right over the ocean. So beautiful. We knew the weather wouldn't last so we went out to our deck and sat out in the Adirondack chairs. As knitters...had to take a photo of our hand made socks!

Here are my lovely friends in front of the Haystack.

Right now as I blog, Ellen and Amy are both knitting. Soon we'll go out for dinner and then come back and start a fire and knit some more.

This is a knitters heaven!


bizyhands said...

Nice foot shot, Naomi. Socks are pretty too!

Sarah said...

Sounds blissful - have a lovely time!

YarnSnob said...

you have some very attactive friends!! Hope you're having fun