Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tribe Bang

I've feverishly been trying to complete the zebra socks for my friend and sister-in-law Renee'. She was Africa trip planner and organizer! This trip was absolutely fab because of her. She did tons of research, emails, phone calls and just plain hard work to make this trip happen.

Thank you Renee'! You deserve so much more than socks but that is one original way I can thank you. Who else will knit you zebra socks!

Here is a photo of her and her husband Mike. My husband, Greg, and Mike are brothers.

Here is a photo of the Tribe Bang Males that were on the trip. From Left: Mike, Ron(Mike and Greg's Dad) and Greg.

Here are the Bang women - Renee', Evie (Greg and Mike's Mom, Me)

I'll see if I can post one more photo which includes Rachel and Megan - Mike and Renee's daughters.

Gotta run! Have a good week everyone!

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