Saturday, August 12, 2006

Heading Home

Well we are Jo-burg waiting for 9pm when we will leave for the airport. It is currently 1:21 pm.

It was nice being away from TV's and world news for the past week. We were shocked when we turned on BBC news last night regarding the terrorist arrests in the UK. It is a harsh way to come back to "civilization". I was happy being out in the bush!

I'm also in a location that has wireless access so I can post some photos. I'll just post a couple.

I actually got some knitting done and here is the first completed sock - the Zebra socks for Renee' to thank her for all her organization of this trip!

Here is one of my favorite photos of the zebra. We were at a watering hole at Zulu Nyala and all these zebra came to the watering hole to drink. They drank and then quickly went away. It was so cool to see them come in - I have some photos of them running in - dust clouds created in their wake. It was very cool.

I have over 2000 photos to really sort through. I've categorized them by keyword, like "elephant", "cheetah", etc. But then once categorized I still need to sort through them to decide which ones are my favorites. This does not even include the thousands Greg took with his super, duper zoom. He can see such amazing details of the animals.

Here is a very fat and happy cheetah. As you can see from the very enlarged tummy - he just have a big meal.

I tried loading a couple of leopard photos and it won't go. I'll do another posting with more photos after i publish this one!

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bizyhands said...

Hey there, nice foot shot. Cool sock too! Love the fat cheetah pic. Wishing you a safe journey home, at least getting through security. Terry