Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Safari Pictures to Share

I'll try posting a few photos again. It is nice to have time to do some photo organization before I head home. Once I get home it is back to work early Monday morning and back to the grind! I won't have much time until the following weekend to get back to my photos so the more I can get done before I arrive home the better.

Renee' has organized a scrapbooking weekend at Bangrila near the end of September and I'll need to have everything organized and printed. It always takes WAY more time than I think it will.

Here are some leopard photos - this is a young male eating an impala. They call Impala here in Africa - McDonald of the Bush(in an accent of course). The rear end of impala have a black M on them. They are prey to many animals in the busy. So funny.

The mama leopard is the one that killed this prey and she is so strong she can bring it up high in the tree. She is lounging on another branch just taking it easy.

This is a different leopard on a different day. He too is a male. Very pretty animal. He came very close to our tracker in the jeep - sort of scary but he just want on his merry way, thank goodness.
Here is a photo of the beautiful impala. Notice the 'M' on the their bottom?

Also a small note. I have to export these as very small file sizes so when you double click on them the quality won't be that great. Otherwise I will never get them uploaded to the blog.....and when you click on my entry they will never load(or take forever!).

Well gotta run. Hope you enjoyed some of the photos - they are not my favorites, just ones I could get to quickly!

It is now 2:30 and I'm going to go back to photo organization. I'll be on the ground in Seattle in approximately 33 hours!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing some of the photos! I can't wait for you to get home - I am praying you have a safe flight home without a lot of hassle in the airports. See you soon! Time has gone by so fast.