Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monthly Knitting at Naomi's

I am grateful to have such wonderful knitting friends. Once a month I host a gathering at my home and invite a bunch of fibery folk to come, eat, knit, spin, hand quilt or just hang out and chat.

After each event, I sit in my living room and just think about how lucky I am to have these people in my life. We are all different but there is one thing we share. A passion for fiber and friendship.
Thank you all for being a part of my life!

We had a smaller group than usual. It was nice and intimate.

Gail was working on Rona, a Starmore design. She came ready to c-c-cut her steeks!

Here is detail of Rona - gorgeous work Gail!

Here she is cutting! Remember to always place a magazine between the layers so you don't accidentally cut the other side!

Here is the progress I had made on my Raglan....but like magic, I took it all out!!! It was fitting too tightly. So I ripped the sleeve out, made adjustments on the finished width at the wrist, recalculated the decreases and started anew. It is much better. This photo shows it before I ripped. If I were to show it to you now, it looks pretty much the same....the adjustment was minor but it is enough to make it much more comfortable.

One thing I have learned with the Nihon course...do not be afraid to rip out, recalculate if necessary and start again. It is all about the learning and I am learning a lot. I used to be timid about the calculations and would not want to change anything because it would mean re-calculation. I've moved past the fear and gained confidence.

Everyone was inspired by Gail's work on Rona. I took out all my Starmore books and we looked through them and then got a hair brained idea! Let's all take on a Starmore, together!!!!!

Now four of us there are taking the Nihon certification. Do you think we'll have time to make progress on a Starmore??? We are excited, optimistic and somewhat crazy! This is what I LOVE about this group!

For those of you that could not attend Saturday, wanna join us?? We are not going to knit the same design. We will each choose a design and then figure out what colors we want to do it in. So get your books out and start deciding!

We will be getting our yarn from Karen at Two Swans Yarns!

Oh! Sarah, Plucky Knitter, did a gallery post on her blog about socks people have knit with her hand dyed. Go check it out. I felt honored to be a part of this post!

While I mention being mentioned on other blogs, Ryan(who couldn't make it on Saturday) mentioned how much I laughed over her squirrel poop on her Olympic Squirrel Sweater. I get a nod with regard to my squirrel poop comment! Lovely.


Gail said...

Some of the gifts of these get-togethers are the mutual sharing, teaching and learning that occur in them. Thank you so much for hosting such a warm community. You and Melinda and Janine and Karen continually energize and inspire me! Did you see Karen's blog entry about the "two angels"? Very appropriate.

Marina said...

Can't wait to see which Starmore each of you chooses but please, leave some Spindrift for me. Hope to get some inspiration to finish the ones I have on the needles.

Sarah said...

What a lovely and accomplished knitting group you have.

: )