Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I've been absent for quite some time.

Why have I been absent??

First I was working too many hours! I usually work 36 hours a week and I was putting in 60.

Then my life was just so darn full and fulfilling.

Then I had blogger's block because I had finished projects but just hadn't gotten photos taken.

I finished the Angel Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark about 2 weeks ago. Here she is:

My first attempt at adding beads to knitting.

Oh! I saw my *boyfriend* , Michael Buble' a couple weeks ago. I LOVE Michael Buble'.

Why is he my boyfriend? My friend Jamie terms him my boyfriend because...he just is! :)

He is a showman. It was so worth the $$. So worth it. I'd pay up the you know what to get into the first 10 rows. Damn he's good. Very satisfying!!

I love Michael Buble'. Friends, family members think I am in love with him because he's good looking. Well, that is a side benefit, but honestly I just love HIS VOICE. There is just something about it, the tone, the charm and charisma that comes through that just sets him apart from other artists for me. He conveys emotion, fun and vitality. Ok, enough about my *boyfriend*.

On to other passions in my life:

Here are my Monkey socks on the sock blockers. The yarn was dyed by Plucky Knitter. Sarah, Thank You. I love my yarn and it goes so well with the pattern!

I bought this colorway because I needed socks to match my Dansko's. Cute, huh?

Here the monkeys are lounging out on the deck enjoying the last few summer days.

Other project updates(other than the Nihon Vogue projects):

Memories of Ukraine. Remember this? I was working on it when I was in Bonaire. Amy calls this my Chase sweater. This is because I was madly knitting on this to cope with being thousands of miles away from my baby Chase when he was in the hospital. This was put on the very back burner when I started the Nihon Vogue course which began right when I got back from Bonaire. I picked it back up recently and the first sleeve is almost done. This will be done just in time for fall. Its a linen sweater...uh, wrong season. Oh well. It will be ready for next spring/summer! :) I was really down last week(because of work- I almost quit) so to treat myself I started the Autumn Rose Pullover by Eunny Jang. I I don't have enough going. I had to cast-on for something of pure pleasure....(those that know me know I do this VERY often). Karen terms this startitis. We both had startitis...she cast-on for this recently as well.

One last thing...I have also done some spinning. This spinning was done during high stress and I just needed something to relax me. I didn't worry about it being even. I just wanted to spin so that is what I did. This is Dragonfibers - 50% wool and 50% bamboo. It really is pretty. I'm thinking of a knitting a simple scarf with it.

Thanks for being so patient! I'm still here. Next post- updates on my Nihon Vogue projects and course.


That's my middle name said...

ooh I don't have any of Michael Buble's cd's, but Kari does. I think he's great. Reminds me of Harry Connick Jr. I think we will need to bring a cd or two in the car! I can't believe you've started Autumn Rose - crazy girl. I am so itching to start so that I can do it with everyone else! I'm just patiently waiting to finish my Kauni instead. Sigh.

yarnsnob said... glad your back!! Michael Buble...don't know much about him or heard him sing but I know he is rather dishy!!!

Love the socks, agree that the yarn and pattern go well. cute shoes or what!!!!

Your thats something :)

yarnsnob said...

oohh and angel lace is if I need another project added to my ever growing projects

bizyhands said...

Dang, you are busy. Go girl!

Sarah said...

Oh, I like Michael Buble!

Your Monkeys are so cute!!!! Thankyou!

Sarah said...

Oh, and if you love Michael Buble - try Steve Tyrrell..... LOVE him!