Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not Again!

I couldn't sleep so I'm up early.

I have to rip out my raglan sleeve. AGAIN!

I tried it on last night after I started the ribbing. Still too tight.

I had tried it on when it was at about elbow length. Fine.

Now. Too tight down the forearm.

I vow, to carefully measure, once again the finished width at the wrist against one of my favorite sweaters(I thought I already did this but I MUST keep in mind that this yarn/sweater is thicker - so I'll need MORE ease).

This is where knowing the amount of ease I prefer in garments is going to be very helpful!

Usually when this course is taught, the students meet weekly. Because Jean has to fly into Seattle from Vancouver, BC we meet only every 6 weeks.

In order to accommodate this schedule, even though we have been meeting since June, we have not yet completely finished a project. This means we have 3 garments going simultaneously and I don't know how much ease I prefer.

As I've said before. This is about learning.

I'm an expert at ripping out! :)

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