Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ruth Sorensen, THANK YOU!!

I received my Kauni yarn from Ruth today. It took one week and one day to get to me.

The yarn is so much fun! The colors in the photos are a bit brighter than they are in person. I don't feel like editing them to get them true to color as I am a bit pressed for time.

I opened the box and was surpised to find some other goodies in the box. A nice hand written note from Ruth, a sample of the Evilla yarn and these ADORABLE wristwarmers!

I'm blown away. I don't know if I'm hormonal or just sentimental, but Ruth's kindness brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears, that is.

Here is more detail on the wristwarmers. They are so *Naomi*. Tonight it was snowing when I got home. Ruth, it IS cold enough for wristwarmers here!

This is a wonderful way to end a very hectic day at work. Before I could even entertain the thought of playing with the yarn tonight, I had to do my workout(which I did do).

I've been pretty good about doing my workouts before I allow myself any play-time. It was really hard not to wind this yarn up and start a guage swatch!! Anyone that knows me knows I love to START projects(finishing them is an entirely different matter!).

I'm still not allowing myself to play because......I have some resume's I need to go through tonight for interviews tomorrow morning! Hhhhmmmmmnnn. I start work at 6am, that gives me 2 hours before the first interview. Maybe I could review them in the morning so I can wind the skeins tonight. No. I better not. Winding the skeins would lead to guage swatching, guage swatching would lead to casting on and that would lead to...staying up way too late and not reading those $&#* resume's!

Ruth, thank you so very, very much. You have made a knitter in America very, very happy!!!


melinda said...

waaa-hooo! It's here. She's a true angel.

Elise said...

That yarn is so gorgeous...but I am impressed with your dedication to your health (and therefore well-being, which leads in turn to the ability to knit for longer periods of time).

I just received the new yarn from Sundara and it was all I could do to refrain from swatching as well. It may happen soon, though, as the colors were so inviting!

Good luck with the interviewees...have some fun.