Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's all about Blue Moon

Here is my second endeavor into spinning. This is 8.75 oz of Blue Faced Leicester dyed by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The colorway is Purple Rain.

Overall I'm pleased with it. I'm learning a lot with each spinning project.

Bobbins before plying:

The spun fiber:

When I was spinning I thought the end result would be a finer yarn. This is where the learning comes in. Next fiber I spin, I need to spin it more finely. It is very interesting. For me, as a beginner, I never know what I'm gonna get. I definitely need more classes but I'm content right now to just do what I'm doing.

I got my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club installment on Friday. Do not read further if you haven't received yours yet and don't want your surprise ruined.

Of course I had to start right away. Here is what I've done that I've decided to completely frog.
The pattern is to create a very firm fabric, a very supportive sock. I have to do it on size 00 needles since I'm a loose knitter. It is taking FOREVER to make progress. I don't like how the toe is. So...frog time. Take a deep breath because its all coming undone!

Talk about coming undone. I came undone today. I had a melt down, break down, whatever you want to call it. As I write I have a migraine underway as well. I took some meds and then I'm going to go lie down. I gotta make sure this bad boy retreats!

I'm going back to the basics.

Enough sleep, eating right and exercise.

With my work stress I find I translate that into putting more pressure on myself in my knitting as well. I've got this internal task master.

I've got all these projects I *should* finish, need to finish. I put WAY too much pressure on myself to be productive, to finish things. This along with my work stress has put me into a state of overhwelm like no other. When this happens I'm not efficient in any area of my life.

So you won't be seeing much completed projects in the near future because I need to scale back.

I need to concentrate on the basics.


Gail said...

Naomi, It was lovely to meet you at Feral Knitters. The sock is stunning in living color. The spun yarn looks awesome! Congratulations!

I passed your name on to the coordinator of the fair isle cooperative, and I'll let you know what happens next.

Gail said...

Naomi, can you contact me at for information about the fair isle yarn cooperative? Thanks!