Monday, February 26, 2007

Rockin' Sock Club 2007 - Mind Boggling

Sock knitters around the world know about Blue Moon Fiber Arts . In 2006 they started a sock knitting club - a club where, as a participant, you received sock yarn and a pattern every other month. It was a tremendous hit, to say the least.

So...because of its popularity and exclusivity, they opened up the registration and lots of people signed up.

Fast forward a month or so after registration, it was time to pay. So when participants went to pay all seemed ok. Suddenly out of nowhere I received an email from Blue Moon saying that the bank refunded the participants money because they thought "how could this be legitimate?". Sock knitting club? No way.

Can you believe it? They took money OUT of Blue Moon's accounts and refunded the money BACK TO US! Excuse me? According to Blue Moon's Rockin Sock Club KAL, they have 2,000 participants. Count that. TWO THOUSAND!

I just love that. I love there are tons of passionate knitters in the world and I love that WE HAVE POWER IN COMMERCE!

In fact the Yarn Harlot has a whole post about "muggles". Go here.

I'm excited that the first installment will be in the mail this week. I have been anticipating this ever since I tried getting into the club last year but I was too late. This is going to be so much fun! (Jamie get ready for me to bring my sock knitting to all of our meetings!)

For once, being out on the left coast, I'm actually close to the source. With luck, I'll be getting my package before those folks out on the right coast!

You'll be the first to see my unveiling as soon as the package arrives!


Rebecca said...

So much sock yarn, so little time. How will you keep up with your lovely fair isle and your spinning???

bizyhands said...

That's funny about your charge to Blue Moon being refunded. I can hear them now, "So who are we kidding here? Sock Club? Sure..." So much yarn, so few paws. Better get started teaching your boys to knit!