Monday, February 12, 2007

Friday Harbor and Tabi Socks, Done!

Greg and I just spent the weekend at Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.

Originally we were going to take a Kenmore Air seaplane to Friday Harbor but decided to take a little road trip in Greg's new car via the ferry.

We were laughing Thursday night as we were watching Grey's Anatomy because the big disaster was a ferry mishap. We looked over at one another and laughed. Great. The next day we would be on a ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor!

We stayed at Friday Harbor House. We had the coveted room #36 (Thank you Renee'!) This room is a corner room on the 3rd floor looking out over the marina. It was fabulous! If you ever get to stay there, ask for room 36!

Here are my finished Tabi Socks enjoying our room with a view!

Friday afternoon we came back to the room, lit the fireplace, sat our butts down and just relaxed. Greg read and I knitted. I finished the Tabi Socks and made some good progress on my Swallowtail Shawl. We even took a nap! How about that? We had a nice romantic dinner that night and came back to our room to enjoy the view, watching the ferries.

Greg's brother Mike is married to my friend Renee'. Renee' introduced me to Greg. Mike and Renee' flew up on Saturday morning to join us forthis little getaway(officially birthday presents to the Bang boys).

A funny fact about the 4 Bang boys. All were born from the end of January to the beginning of March. Evie, the matriarch, did not want to be big and pregnant during the summer. So she planned, very accurately, each pregnancy. That is Evie. The planner and perfectionist!

Back to our weekend....We had a wonderful Saturday - visiting Roche Harbor and the Wescott Bay Sculpture Park. We were blessed with a sunny, beautiful day. We did a little hike from the Hotel de Haro to the McMillan mausoleum.

Of course I had to visit the yarn store, Island Wools, in Friday Harbor and ended up buying some yarn. I know. You are not surprised. Right now I'm too lazy to take photos and post them.

A side note: I've been busy spinning. I have homework for class on Wednesday and I am behind schedule! I have to have two full bobbins so that I can learn to ply them. I probably have a bobbin and a half. I'm pleased with how my yarn is developing.

I need to run off to bed. 4:45 am comes very quickly!


Sandy said...

Love the socks. Mmmmmmmmm Friday Harbor looks delicious. I'm jealous. Glad that you gave the local yarn economy a boost, you are so philanthropic! I watched Grey's Anatomy last Thursday and am very pleased that I didn't see you in the water bobbing for fiber. Spin On Knit Chick!

Elise said...

The knitting, the spinning, the blogging, the vacationing...where does it end?? Am so jealous! The socks are lovely and we know you need to make room on the needles for the Blue Moon Fiber that will soon be coming your way (and mine). Knit on! Spin on! And have a great day!

bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Say, nice socks. Of course, you know how I feel about foot photos. No getaway would be complete without them! It's good that you take time out of your busy work schedule for some down time. Next time, we'll see your spinning pics, right? Happy VD!

Karen said...

I knew from a glance that photo was Friday Harbor, and it was fun to read your entry and confirm that. Sounds like a wonderful weekend -- ferry disasters are pretty rare. Did you get a chance to walk up and down that dock and so get in some exericse?