Monday, August 25, 2008

Siding has officially begun!

Our siding project was scheduled to begin last Tuesday but due to weather conditions and scheduling issues with the siding company, the siding work officially began this morning.

So far things are status quo with the boys. Chase and Beanie don't seem to bothered by the noise. Luckily my sister Cheryl has offered her home to me as a safe haven during the work day so I can escape if the noise becomes too irritating.

I love this photo. Shows how when the original siding went up that the workers neglected to put a paper shield on this particular section which caused some water damage.

Greg and I went through numerous rounds of putting up paint samples around the outside of the house. We knew we wanted 'charcoal gray' and 'blood red'.

Yeah, no problem.

Do you know how many charcoal grays and blood reds there are out there?

We instantly agreed on the gray, once we found the *right* one(Iron Ore) but the blood red was a harder one to agree on.

Greg was sure of his choice, I wasn't. I painted some larger samples on the back of the house so we could watch it through the phases of the day, seeing it in all types of lighting. We finally settled on 'Sundried Tomato', the one on the right. This will be our accent color.

The back of the house is just flat, no protruding sections. So the Sundried Tomato will be painted as an accent the full height of the house, in the middle 1/3, to add some contrast and interest. The section where the sundried tomato will be painted will have new lighting fixtures and will provide a nice, interesting backdrop for the outside room I plan on creating next spring/summer!

I imagine some nice cozy furniture with coordinating tables for an inviting sitting area.

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