Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It is noisy around here!

The trade-off is it is like getting a new house(how it looks) without having to pack, move boxes and unpack!

Here is the progress as of the end of day two.



Northwest Corner:

North side:

This photo shows that some parts of the house are pretty high off the ground. Frederico, be careful!

As I stated in the last entry, there are a few areas of rot that will have to be rebuilt/replaced such as what is shown in the photo below. We are fortunate because we expected that it might be worse given the issues and lawsuits that have resulted from the siding that we are replacing.

I decided to knit the ever popular February Lady Sweater. What is this wonderful yarn? Handspun by my friend Terry(she is the one that highly encouraged me to spin and helped me get my first wheel). I have been waiting for the perfect project for this cherished yarn. This is a perfect pairing.

I am going to frog back. I tried it on and I think I need to start the sleeve portion much earlier. I did try it on before the part where you put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn but it I found it difficult to really *see* how it was going to look. I tried it on this morning and I don't like the fit. I need to start the lace section earlier.

I have learned from year one of Nihon vogue if I have a doubt about the fit, then take the time to do it right. Confession: Our first project in year one was a top-down raglan. I will look at my notes to apply what I learned for that project and apply it to this one. I should have done that initially was nice to just follow a pattern rather than figure it out for myself. Lesson learned...I know it will fit better if I tailor this design to my own body rather than following someone else's calculations!

I have loved wearing my sweaters I made during year one because they do fit and I am proud to wear them. I know when February Lady Sweater is done, I will feel the same way.


moiraeknittoo said...

Just looking at the guy on the ladder is making me dizzy. My brother's building didn't have the siding issue you are having, but man, if they don't get the parts in place right the first time it's so easy to have rot and scary bad things set in. Yours, however, is looking good. :) And I think that yarn is perfect for the sweater! It'll be lovely, and you'll look fantastic in it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice Pics of your house, keep us posted on the progress. Will look nice in the end, and hopefully Greg can relax a bit!