Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Manta Ray Video, Finally

As most of you know Greg and I took a vacation to Hawaii in late April through early May.

My most memorable experience on the trip was doing the night snorkel to see the famed Manta Ray's on the Big Island. We did the snorkel/dive on Wednesday April 30. I believe 12-13 manta's showed up.

Big Bertha, the biggest Manta in the area, was there. Her wingspan is 14 feet across. I think the average wingspan of the manta's in that area is about 10 feet. One of the newer baby Manta's was also there. Greg termed this one "gnome sized" because he is only about 5 feet across.

Back in 2003 on my honeymoon in Tahiti I had the experience of seeing the Manta's on a day snorkel and I could just make out the outline of their large bodies far below me.

When I learned about this excursion, I knew I had to get to Kona to see this. They have been drawing the manta's to this area(Kona) for the purpose of tourism for quite some time.

I have no information confirming this in any way but I worry that at some point they will stop doing this for the safety of these beings. I know some of them can get bruised by running into people and their equipment. There are stupid people that try to touch them. Manta's have a protective coating on their bodies and our body products, etc. can be harmful to them. I wanted to see them just in case they stop doing this in the future.

We booked the excursion through Kona Honu Divers.

I took this video with a little waterproof Sanyo video camera. You don't have to be a scuba diver to enjoy and be blown away by this excursion.

These animals are very curious and gentle beings. They are truly remarkable.



margaret in manhattan said...

OK - so I'm sitting here, eating a piece of poached salmon (cold and nice this time of year in nyc which is hot as hades) with some dill sauce, and watching your fabu video ... lucky you and Greg to witness this beautiful event -

I'm so jealous - (1) because you have the lung power to do that (snorkeling) and (2)that you're both healthy and young enough to have witnessed this brilliant show of nature!

all the best, and happy retirement,


Jamie said...

This is very cool! Very relaxing.

TMK said...

Very cool! And you're braver than I am. It was all I could do to snorkel with the "small" fish (2-3 ft long) during the day. I can't imagine getting in the water in the dark and knowing something that big was right there. Next March I'll have to try the night snorkeling!

Rhonda said...

Wow -thanks for sharing this - that was great! I had some trophy cupcakes when I was in Seattle and I miss them everyday - along with Frans. Sad look!

Peggy said...

Thanks for sharing the marvelous video. It was fascinating. And I do envy your adventurous spirit and bravery! There is a world of wonderful things out there to see if we'll only go to them.
Peggy ;}

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I love warm salt water and the critters hanging around.
The Ms won tonight though Felix hurt himself after his Grand Salami. go Ms.
Go Mantas.

Christina said...

I sent a link of your post to my friend before her trip to Hawaii. She and her husband went on this dive and she was completely awed -- said it was not only the best part of the trip but one of the best experiences of her life. Hope I can get there to see this someday soon. Thanks for sharing.