Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 Years Served of a Life Sentence

A friend of mine, Linda, jokingly talks about marriage as a life sentence(with a big smile)!

This past Sunday Greg and I celebrated 5 years of marriage.

We are late bloomer's regarding marriage. On our wedding day I was almost 37 years old and Greg was 51. Yes, it is both our first marriage. We both say it took each of us so long because we were waiting for the *right* person.

We had our share of relationships that didn't work out. We agree that we had gotten to a point in our lives that we were happy in our lives as they were as single people. If we met someone special, great. If not, we were perfectly happy being single.

We continue this independant-ness in our marriage. Yes, our marriage is very, very important but it isn't all there is in our lives. We share so much but we continue having lives and interests outside our marriage. For us, this is what makes our marriage so strong and beautiful. We have our passions in our marriage and we have passions outside our marriage. His passions outside our marriage are photography and scuba diving, mine are my dogs and anything fiber related!

Here is a wedding photo of us on the waterfront. We were posing for photos when the fire boat comes by. We couldn't have asked for a better photo op.

I tell people I wish that people looking for love could have what we have. We have tremendous respect for each other, we support one another to pursue the things that are important to us, we love each other's families, we laugh every single day(this was in our marriage vows) and we share so many common values.

When I imagined THE PERFECT man for me, I could not have conjured up this man in my dreams.

This photo shows our playful side:

I love this next photo. Greg is my safe place. He is my soft place to fall. He is compassionate, he is loving, he DOES have an emotional bone in his body! I think this photo says it all.

On Sunday I was running around the house in the morning getting ready for my Nihon class and Greg asks if I have time to have coffee with him. I said "kinda". He said he had something for me. I gave him that side-wise look. We had agreed not to exchange gifts this year. He presented me with a gift wrapped box. Inside were a pair of diamond earrings.

I told Greg we should return them because I would rather have the $$ go towards ripping out the carpet and putting new flooring in upstairs in our home. He wouldn't hear of it. (Did I mention he is thoughtful, too?)

A life sentence seems doesn't seem long enough for me.


Rhonda said...

Congratulations - may you be sentenced to many more happy years!

punkin said...

Congratulations. That is beautiful.

Arctic Knitter said...

Congratulations! Isn't is fantastic to have the perfect, special someone to share life with? Yay for you both!

YarnSnob said...

This is such a wonderful post it brought tears to my eyes, the happiness the love, the photos..what a stunner!! May you both have many many more years of happiness....sniff, sniff xx

Peggy said...

This post is just so, so sweet. It's plain to see you love your husband. The wedding photos are adorable. Perhaps I should say YOU are adorable in your wedding photos. And Greg is just darned elegant! Wishing you both another lifetime together.
Peggy ;}

TMK said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute together. ;-)

Sarah said...

How I love those pictures of you and Greg. What a darling couple you are.


Joni said...

What a perfect couple you are and what a gift you are to each other. Congratulations on your anniversary = here's wishing many more years of happiness for you both. Joni