Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tea Cozy

Pattern: Shop pattern from Churchmouse Yarn and Tea
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Nodding Violet
Needles: US 4

One skein will knit two.

I got the pattern and yarn during the LYS tour in May. I think this turned out very cute. It is a quick knit - I did it in a few days.

Now I need to get back to my vest...there is something about this project that I am dragging my feet on!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention I got a notebook for my Nihon Vogue projects. How handy! It comes with a calculator(I've been using a calculator a lot) and it even has cm markings on it! (I'm really beginning to like the metric system!) It comes with some handy little bags that you can put accessories(stitch markers) in. I found it at Costco.

Next post will have actual photos of the beginning of the vest, really. It is not like an imaginary friend. It really does fact I'm doing the increases up the the beginning of the armhole.

One more photo - more evidence that dogs are allowed on the couch. Keep in mind that Beanie(the Maltese) cannot jump up on the couch. He has to be picked up in order to get on the couch!


Denise said...

What a fun tea cozy - I love the yarn colors too!

It's really interesting hearing about your Nihon experiences, thanks for sharing them.

And of course little doggies belong on the sofa! :-)
(said the owner of a spoiled small terrier)

Aim said...

Like the cosy! so jealous of your Nihon Vogue class, sounds really great!!!!

Sarah said...

Hi there! Thank you for sharing your blog with me....

: )