Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nihon Homework Completed and More!

Whew. I have finished my homework for the Nihon Vogue course - ready for next week's classes. The class sessions are full weekends (Sat/Sun 9-4:30) every 6 weeks.

I missed the very first session as I was on vacation in Bonaire. I'm relieved that I will not miss any other classes because you must attend 80% of the classes to pass as well as complete all 8 garments. I have to say that missing a class is also difficult because there is so much to learn in two days. It is really hard to catch up. I did take Jean Wong's Tailored Japanese Knitting class earlier this year at Madrona and that really helped. Without that, I think I would have been completely lost.

Thursday night I hooked up with Melinda and got a very important piece of info on the increases. She had one small diagram in her notes that made all the difference for me on when/where/how to do the Nihon increases. We met up at Village Yarn and Tea. The second Thursday of every month, they have a spinning gathering from 6-9pm. I got to hear about her trip to Shetland and she brought me back the cutest little fair isle sweater. Here it is on my wheel.

I do have photos of my vest. Plain stockinette(remember by K.I.S.S post?). It went quickly once I got the info on the increases. This is the advantage of using a worsted weight yarn. Here is a terrible photo of the vest.

I also have my yarn picked out for project #3. Project three is a round neck sweater with set-in sleeves. The design of the example in our textbook is a little...old lady-ish. The yarn I'm going to use is a silk/wool combination. I've had this yarn in my stash for MANY years. Actually my sister picked this up at a yard sale(when knitting was not so popular - but it was popular with me! You know, in the "old" days). The yarn is Tahki Chelsea Silk. I'm not sure how much the yarn cost - one skein had a 5 cent label. I have enough for a full sweater! Amazing.

I decided to use this yarn because the point of the Nihon class is to learn as much as possilble. I know that certain fibers grow in length over time. Jean has talked about adjusting the knitting to take this kind of growth into account-I want to learn first hand so I thought this would be a good choice. Also if I knit something plain-ish, this yarn doesn't need -much embellishment, it is pretty on its own. I would wear a plain-ish sweater in this yarn.

Note: I may change my mind on the yarn to use for project3. I also have some cotton fleece in the stash that needs to be used up. This is also a very good candidate.

On the subject of stash acquisition....

Thanks to Amy, she introduced me to the Plucky Knitter. I ordered two skeins of yarn from her and it is ggggrrrrreeeeeeaaaaat. The first is Good N Plenty. I love Good N Plenty(the candy, and now the yarn!)! Had to have that. Then I've been looking for a great sage-y green yarn for some socks to go with some Dansko's that I have. This is going to be perfect. See?

I've been considering a blog contest of some sort. The winner will get a skein of something from my stash. I'm still thinking about the details of the contest. Stay tuned!


Libby said...

Those green clogs are totally adorable!

Arctic Knitter said...

LOVE the Danskos - they are my shoe of choice!

Deb Barnes said...

I love the little sweater! Very cute.
BTW, I sent the email to Annie M. for the rose scarf. :-)

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you like the yarn! And, it matches the Dansko's perfectly!

Thanks again!

: )