Friday, July 20, 2007

Ready for class

I finished all my homework for the next Jean Wong/Nihon Vogue certification class.

I completed my swatch for Project 3, or P3 as I term it, Wednesday night and it is now dried and ready to go. The swatch did relax after it took its first bath. The stitch and row guage before washing were 18 stitches and 27 rows per 10 cm. After washing and drying they are 16 stitches and 27 rows.

Here is a photo of the swatch on my everblooming hydrangea that is out on our front deck. Notice the rain droplets? It is yucky rainy today!

The blue bracelet is from Heaven Help Us on Etsy. The medal attached to the bracelet is of St. Blaise. Now if you grew up Catholic, you'd understand. Catholics have saints for everything. This particular saint, according to Sister Mary Martha(you've gotta read her blog - such a crackup!) is the Patron Saind of Cold and Flu Season, Throat Problems and Wool. I had to buy it once I read that St. Blaise is "also the patron of wool gatherers, sheep farmers and shearers and wool weavers". Sounds applicable to me!

Go to her Etsy store. You'll find saints for just about anything. Maybe you need a patron saint of Great Breasts or how about the saint for People who get dissed. Maybe you need St. Isidore, if you are a Computer Geek.

Here is the raglan sweater for class. I put it on waste yarn(the purple stuff) to try it on to make sure it fits. It is a teeny weeny tad bit tight but this yarn also relaxed after washing the swatch so it should be okay. The green yarn is what Jean provided to us for a provisional cast on. It is very slick. She gets it in Japan.

Here is the sleeve detailing:

And the front details. If you look closely you'll see that the back is just a bit longer(3cm to be exact) than the front. The raglan is designed this way. I'm sure I'll get more details on why this is tomorrow in class.

Have you ever lost a project in your house?

Last Friday Greg and I had about 30 people over to celebrate Greg's retirement. I had my 100% linen summer sweater project, Memories of Ukraine, on the couch in the living room. I saw it there, picked it up and put it away before guests arrived. Where did I put it? I cannot find it. It is NOWHERE to be found. I have looked in all the usual hide-it-away places and I cannot find it. I'm so frustrated!! I must have more hidey places than I thought. Isn't that weird???

Since I cannot find that f*&# project, I picked the Angel Lace Shawl back up again. I have two more pattern repeats and the border to do. I'm getting there!

Do you want to know yet another bone headed thing I did recently? First let me give you some background. I've been working very hard at work(and longer hours some days). Lots of stress and pressure. Any of those of you that know me well, know how serious, super responsible I am at work!

So a couple friends of mine, Greg and I were going to see the 4pm showing today(Friday) of the new Harry Potter film at the IMAX at the Pacific Science Center at the Seattle Center. I bought tickets earlier in the week on-line. About an hour before we were set to leave the house to pick up Jamie, I look at the receipt I printed out. The tickets were for yesterday. YESTERDAY! The 4pm show today is sold out so we had to bag the whole outing. All the shows for the weekend are sold out. Dorkiness #1.

Then you should have heard me on the phone to the Pacific Science Center. I call the number printed on the recept and it is a message, not a live person. I leave a message. Shortly after hanging up I realize I left all the important information EXCEPT my phone number. Dorkiness #2.

So I call them back. In my haste, waste, or whatever, I mis-dial. I start into my story and the lady on the other side says "I think you have the WRONG number". Dorkiness #3.

Meanwhile, Greg is laughing his butt off at me. Shit. Give me a break. So to do something relaxing tonight - we'll just go out to dinner. I'm hoping they will let us re-book our tickets for another showing. Who is the Patron Saint of Dorkiness?? I need to find a saint to help me with my lack of brain power.

My next post will have some photos from the Nihon Vogue class. I'm excited! We start bright and early tomorrow morning. Part of me is dying to get my hands on the 7th Harry Potter book tonight at midnight. But then I know I'd be up reading it when I need to be sleeping. Admittedly, I'm going to get it early in the morning before I go to class!

This kind of *passion* for life gets me in trouble. Too much life and not enough rest!

I guess that is not such a bad thing.


margaret said...

oh you poor little baby ... not such a dorky thing! happens to the best of us -

hope you get to see HP - and soon!


Sarah said...

Yes, I have lost a project before (still haven't found it!) Blue Sky Alpacas Rectangle Shawl....sad. You are no alone....