Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Necessity is the Father of Invention!

In my last post I mentioned a group of knitters that adore knitting fair isle had banded together to acquire samples of all the Jamieson and Jamieson and Smith colors.

Now that we have the yarn, we have to distribute all 320 colors amonsgt 25 people.

Leah, organizer supreme, did all the "stuff" that we needed to do to get this party started.

Then...her extraordinary husband, Lance, figured out a way to make this job easier. I didn't say to make this job easy. I just said to make the job easiER.

You HAVE GOT TO GO TO LEAH'S BLOG TO SEE WHAT LANCE INVENTED! There is video of Lance with his invention. I'm sure he could appreciate the number of hours it was going to take us to wind these bobbins(8000 of these puppies). What a guy! Thanks, man!

Go check it out!


Gail said...

Trust a smart guy to figure out how to wind yarn with Power Tools! This is hilarious.

In my hands, this solution would be total disaster.

melinda said...

Oh so that was the guy that showed up with the yarn on Monday.

Very clever. She's got such a handy husband.

bizyhands said...

What a man!