Monday, January 15, 2007

Whew! My Eleven Swatches are Done!

Believe it or not, I completed 11, yes eleven, swatches today. UGH!

Next week I am attending the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat.

I am taking two classes, both by Jean Wong. One is Tailored Knitting the Japanese Way and the other is Fine Finishing Techniques.

Both classes cover areas where I feel I'm lacking in knowledge and skill. I have heard really great things about Jean's classes so I'm excited.

I'm was dreading doing this homework. Hence I kept putting it off but I figured since I had the day off, I would procrastinate no longer and get prepared for class.

I had to knit the eleven swatches for Fine Finishing Techniques. When I initially read over the instructions I thought to myself "oh! this won't take much time. I'll get these knit up and have plenty of time to get to some of my other projects". Note to self: Things always take longer than you think.

What are these piles of zip lock bags? My various samples safely tucked away in their baggies ready for class next Saturday.

Here are the swatches sitting happily on my bed. I feel like I need to take a rest with the swatches on the bed after doing all of these.

At least I'm ready....sort of.

For the two-day Tailored Knitting the Japanese Way class I am supposed to have a project already in mind that I will work at tailoring for me and my own body. I don't have one in mind. Sure I have projects on the needles but none that really need tailoring so to speak. So do I bring one that could possibly use some tailoring or do I bring something that I have already started knitting? I guess I could e-mail her. Well, I have a week to decide.

I don't think I've mentioned that I'm taking a class by Louisa Harding this Friday at So Much Yarn. I just thought it would be fun. We are going to be making a small little purse.

One of my intentions for 2007(that I haven't been too successful at yet) is to buy less stuff and purchase more experiences.

Gotta run. DH came in saying he wanted to talk about our trip to Bonaire.

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Karen said...

You are more than a whole week ahead of the game! Good job. (And much better than I did last year ... I was still knitting swatches during class and over the lunch break.) :-)