Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fulfillment Comes Through Commitment

Many years ago a friend of mine told me that her dad always told her that "fulfillment comes through commitment". That has stuck with me all of these years because it really is true. Whether it is relationships, a career, or knitting you do get fulfillment if you stay committed through all the various ups and downs.

I need (LOTS)more commitment in my knitting.

I've been flitting from this, to that, to this, then that. Nothing gets completed and I have all these projects lying around. Literally lying around. There are socks on the desk, Abalone, Clapotis, and Storm Water scarf in my new knitting bag, the cap shawl in my backpack, and sock yarn everywhere and another skein on the way from the Posh Yarn sock club(not to mention the projects stashed away in baskets!).

Then to prove how anti-committed I am in my knitting, I cast on yet ANOTHER project last week.

I can't remember what day last week I went into Village Yarn and Tea "just to look around". I talked with Ellen and she is casting on "go with the flow" from Fiona Ellis' Inspired Cable Knits for a store sample.

I walked out of the shop with the yarn for this vest(only $25) and we are doing it together. Someone please remind me to stick to one project at a time so I can actually have a FO, and not all these UFO's! At least when I commit to doing a project with someone I actually do get it done. There is hope for this project!

The good thing about this project though is the title. Go with the flow. I need more "go with the flow" at my job so I figure there WAS a reason for this project(see, once again justification thinking).

I'll post photos tomorrow.

OH! Before I sign off for the day. GO SEAHAWKS!

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