Saturday, January 13, 2007

I need to get organized!

I am ready to start the armhole decreases of Go with the Flow. I have really enjoyed knitting this. I usually don't like knitting with cotton but this is nice and soft. It is Dale of Norway's Stork color 7 and the pattern is from Fiona Ellis' Inspired Cable Knits .

I took Japanese Shortrows from Susanna Hansson awhile ago. During the class I was concentrating so hard getting my example knitted that I missed out on how to calclulate where to start, end for the shaping on a garment. Sure I can follow the instructions to create the sample but I need to take some time to just sit and really figure out how this would work on AN ACTUAL GARMENT!

I want to do this for my armhole shaping on 'Go with the Flow'.

Why do I need to get organized? I can't find my class folder that has all the hand-outs, my notes, examples, etc. This always happens. AAARRRGGGGHHHHH. So if I get impatient I may just go ahead and do the old, regular way of decreasing with those ugly stair steps!

I need to get ORGANIZED!!!!

Another organizational intention I have is this: I want to document all the items I knit. I want to document needle size, pattern, yarn, pictures and any special notes.

When I was in Venice in 2006 I found this cute little shop that had handmade leather books. I bought one with the intention of doing just this. Where has this book been sitting? Its been sitting on a shelf, gathering dust, just asking to be used. I sort of used it. I stuck labels from skeins I've knit things from in it. That counts for something, right?

Its a beautiful handmade leather book with regular paper separated by this lovely whispy vellum like paper. I know its not vellum but is sheer and very soft like tissue paper but heavier. It has a beautiful sheen to it that the photos don't pick up.

I'm going to start it today! My first entry will be Go with The Flow. Here is the outside of the book:

The inside.


Jamie said...

Girl you have too much time on your hands and too many projects. :) Hopefully you will be thawed out so we can see each other on Monday at our favorite place. :)

Elise H said...

I hope that you thaw son..we are gettting the same nasty ice adn now it's just sloppy outside.

I totally get the organizational thing...I strive to be organized, but somehow I fall short. The process of organizing however, sometimes gives me the chance to think through a problem (like Japanese short rows, though I have no idea how to do them.). The sweater looks great! LOVE the color.

The book is beautiful and you will be so glad that you are taking the time to enter all relevant information. Keep up the good work!!