Sunday, January 07, 2007

Go With the Flow!

In my last entry I promised some photos of my lastest project which I vow to complete before I start something new. A resolution to stay committed to my projects through 'sickness and in health'!

Here is my progress on the 'go with the flow' vest.

And this is what the finished product will look like.

As a side wandering I've been seriously thinking of venturing into spinning. Ever since I *met* Terry (darn, no blog to send you to - maybe someday, huh Terry?) via E-bay I've been curious about spinning. Then I was re-acquainted with Rebecca (the one who is going to help me with my fear of cutting steeks in my weekly projects class at Village Yarn and Tea) during the fall of 2006. She is also a spinner and has brought some of her wonderful yarn to class and it makes me really want to take up spinning. How cool would that be? Then I could go visit Elise(another non-blogger) in NY to attend Rhinebeck!

To really complicate things is Terry is buying a Louet Victoria which is a new wheel that is very, very portable. They have been selling extremely brisk and the price has gone up about $130 since they just came out a few months ago but she has one on order at the old price that she would let me purchase. So...I need to learn more about wheels! This is not a decision to take lightly.

I like the idea of portability. Given I know very little about wheels I have a lot of homework to do.

On a lighter note, as a Seattle Seahawks fan I was thrilled at their win last night. It was an amazing game. I didn't think we could come through with a win but thanks to Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboy's and his slippery hands we are moving to the next round. Next game is a week from today at 10am at the Chicago Bears. You know what I'll be doing next Sunday at 10am!

One more thing. Greg and I have decided when/where our next vacation will be. Bonaire in June. I love Bonaire. We have been there twice together and Greg has been there 2 additional times. Don't know where Bonaire is? Find it here.

This is a very laid back island. Despite its small size, they have wonderful restaurants and its a lovely place to visit. They have increased the number/variety of flights there so it is much easier to get there than the first time we went in 2000. The first year we went, we flew to Miami, then Curacao(and a 5 hour delay due to mechanical problems) then Bonaire. The second time we went from Seattle to Houston to Puerto Rico to Bonaire. This time we will go to Houston and then from Houston directly to Bonaire. This will be MUCH better!

Boy am I looking forward to it. I love Bonaire. I really do. The food is awesome, the prices reasonable and the diving and snorkeling are the best in the world. I'm so happy we have decided on a destination. I feel more relaxed already(NOT! - I was on-call this weekend).

Well enough for now. Enjoy your week!

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elisehiller said...

I LOVE the adorable and I am impressed at how much you have finished. I have been having similar committment issues..particularly when I get close to finishing a project lately. I would love for you to learn to spin and then come and visit so that we can head to Rhinebeck! What a fabulous idea! (Then I will have to learn to spin and then I think the husband and children will buy me my own shed and move me and the yarn out!!)