Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yummy Stuff!

I got the Virtual Hebridean 3-ply yarn in Clover and I have started working the Inishmore. I absolutely love this yarn! I couldn't believe it arrived on my doorstep from Scotland so quickly. Alice Starmore signed a nice greeting on the pattern modification which was a nice touch.

I haven't had time to really get reading on my South African history book. That may be something that gets read on the way there! We fly from Seattle to Amsterdam (about 8.5 hours) and then from Amsterdam to Johannesburg which is another 8-9 hours. There is plenty of time to knit, sleep and read!

Ok if there are other knitters that have happened onto my blog, do you ever agonize about what project to bring with you on a 2.5 week trip? Every trip I take I do. Do I dare take up luggage space with a larger project like the Inishmore or do you just take small projects like socks? When we went to Italy with my in-laws last September I just took sock yarn. This is something I can do virtually blind-folded. It came in handy when we were standing in lines at the museums. In fact I got a pair done in Lorna's Laces for my hubby....which by the way I won't be knitting him socks anymore! I have knit him like 3 pair and he never wears them. No more socks for him. I'll share the love with people that will appreciate them!

Today my husband went to get koi food and came home with.....drum roll BIG white fan tail and 12(yes twelve!) baby koi! They are so darn cute!! The new fish have really mixed it up and there is a lot more movement going on in the pond. We can just sit and gaze at our new "babies". I can't wait to see how big they'll get this summer(not that we'll really notice since we look at them everyday).

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