Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ok it has been a while since I recieved the Hebridean 3-ply from Alice Starmore. Here is some progress on the Inishmore from Alice's Fishermen's Sweaters. I love working with this yarn and the subtle colors in the yarn make it a joy to work with. I will definitely buy more of this yarn, in other colors, of course....for the stash building!

The pattern is easy enough to follow and once I get into a rhythm I can move along fairly efficiently but....I made a big boo boo that I will have to unravel back in the very center of the moss stitch. Its not too bad to have to do. I won't have to unravel the whole row. I'll just go to where the pattern is off and adjust. See the Yarn Harlot's is amazing what she can do! Go to June 23rd.

What else? I've been very tired. I don't know why. I have been giving myself the treat of driving to work. It is pricey to park downtown but that extra 15 minutes of sleep is very precious to me right now!

I finally have a couple photos of our new koi. The white one at the bottom of the photo is new and all the little koi you see are all new.

That is a quick update for today. I'm still trying to decide what project(s) to take to South Africa with me! Its a hard decision....

One of the projects may be some socks with this yarn. I bought some yesterday and I can't wait to try it. I was led to Lucy at Mind's Eye Yarn via the Yarn Harlot. She leads me to a lot of stash building material!

Jamie! When will our ceramic stuff be done? I want to post a photo of our wonderful painting we did for stress relief on Friday!

One last thing. My sister Val is coming to town tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to her visit. She is one fun person! She is the first born of the family and I'm the last. She lives in San Diego and she comes to visit a couple times a year. She comes more often now that her daughter, Jenn, is a Phd student at the U. We are so happy that Jenn lives here and that we get to see Val and Gerry (her hubby) more often! Welcome!

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Jamie said...

Pretty fish! Of yeah the yarn is pretty too. You know me and yarn. ;) Have a good weekend - monthend is going very well.