Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saying goodbye's to our Boys

Tonight we said goodbye to Chase and Beanie for the next two and a half weeks.

Aunt Jamie and Uncle Chris Carnell picked up the boys so they can take care of them while we Safari in South Africa. I always dread this. I feel this emptiness when I walk into the house when I know they aren't here - no pitter patter of little dog paws against hardwood floors.

Being away from "my boys" is one of the hardest things about my love of travel.

Thank you Jamie and Chris for being so good to our guys. They look totally comfortable with you and I know they will be happy staying with you. I just hope you enjoy the ride as much as they will.

I have some final stuff to do tonight to get ready. I'm still in a quandry about what pants to bring and what knitting project(s) to bring. By 9:30 am tomorrow I'll have concluded the prep and move into the "letting go" and just go with the flow. I think I'll need the "flow" traveling with a group of 8 family members.

I need to remember..."I'M ON VACATION!".

Wish us luck and safe travels. I always worry when I leave on a trip that I won't come back. That's the fear of the unknown talking!

My next post will be from SOUTH AFRICA!

As the Italians say(One of my absolute favorite places in the world)


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