Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We Made It!!!

Here is the counting down of our clock at work. When the project managment team thought it was a good idea to have this countdown clock, most of the workers hated it. It wasn't like we were counting down to a vacation or something. Anyway we made it and the system went live today. The modules I support had no real problems to speak of today!!

Now for the fun stuff!

The 4th of July started out in traditional fashion for Seattle. Rain. It did clear up in the afternoon and it was sunny and about 75. In predictable 'Ooka' fashion(my maiden name) we ate up a storm and had lots of fun. Here are some photos of some of the appetizers I cooked up.

The great thing about while you are waiting for your photos to load you can start the provisional cast-on for a pair of socks!

Its getting late. I have been busy since leaving work. I had to get some chew toys for Chase, my GIANT yorkie(12 pounds) at the pet store. He has to have something to do all the time...kinda sounds like his mom. Then I came home and we had dinner. I bathed both Chase and Beanie, gave them their flea treatments, washed their bedding and then got called from work.

So I worked on some work issues and now I am updating my blog and trying to cast on for a very mindless project.

I'll leave you tonight with some photos of "the boys". For some reason that I can't figure out right now I can't load the photos of the boys. I tried 3 times and it didn't work so I'll take that as a sign. A sign of what? Someone tell me.


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Jamie said...

Girl where are my appetizers! You are such a Martha! I love it. These look so good. The sisters are lucky to have you. :)