Monday, August 17, 2009

I Intend......

Each week I say to myself "this week I WILL update my blog". Each week passes and it does not happen. As you notice, the last sentence was in passive voice. That is how I seem to be. Passive.

Honestly, I have been very tired. Today, I was so fatigued that I was glad I set my alarm for a 3pm doctor appointment because it went off and I realized I was so tired I could barely move! Glad I set that alarm or I would have missed this last minute appointment! I must apologize to Joni publicly! I feel guilty(oh, that darn Catholic, or recovering Catholic, guilt!) that I had to cancel our fun excursion to see the Seattle Seahawks practice this afternoon(I am glad you still went). My primary doc called to say they had a cancellation so I took the appointment so I could see her sooner than originally scheduled.

I try to not let this fatigue get to me. I put on a brave face and go, go go. I don't want to complain. I really admire people that can overcome challenging situations with minimal complaint.

Since February I have been battling nausea and fatigue(no, not due to pregnancy). I spent a good 4.5 months dealing with it..first thinking it was gerd, then thinking it was caffeine withdrawal, etc. I had numerous tests. Ultrasounds, gastric emptying test, blood tests. It ends up I have a gallbladder polyp. Mind you they don't know definitively if this is the cause of the nausea and fatigue, but it is their best guess.

I am looking forward to getting the gallbladder out which is scheduled for September 1. My busy social calendar has kept me from scheduling surgery sooner. I had made many commitments that I felt I could not break.

First was my trip to see Ruth in Denmark, and our side trip to Estonia.

Then I had committed to volunteering time at Sock Summit. I had personally promised Tina I would come down to Sock Summit to volunteer.

Then I was hosting my family at our lake place the week of August 10-16.

Then my gastroenterologist wanted me to have a colonoscopy, scheduled for August 21. Then I scheduled a mammogram at Village Yarn and Tea(this event is what makes me schedule this yearly "celebration") on August 22. I want to thank Village Yarn and Tea for their Women's Health Fair. They do this every year and without it, I would not be diligent in getting my annual mammogram. Thank you!!!!!!

My birthday is August 24. I am going to the Mariner game taking my sisters Trish and Kathy that night. Then I will be going to the Mariner game on August 25 taking my sisters Karen and Cheryl! New this year if you have season tickets in the Diamond Club, you can trade tickets for one date for another. We traded some tickets when I was going to be in Denmark so we could have 4 tickets together on my birthday! So much fun this way!!! Actually I was having a hard time trying to decide which sisters to bring. Originally we had 4 tickets only on my actual birth date. Greg traded some tickets we had when I was in Portland for the day after my birthday so I could be sure to take all my sisters that live in Seattle. That way I wouldn't have to decide who could/couldn't go. Have I told you how thoughtful he is?

Then we are hosting some friends out at the lake again from the 27th to the 30th. I am sad to miss out on Stitch N Pitch!!

The good thing...I will come home, have a couple days to rest(and get homework done)then have my surgery! Many people have told me that they, or someone they know, felt SO MUCH BETTER after getting that darn gallbladder out!

So, once again I must say that I INTEND on getting back to regular posting!

I have a lot to blog about!!!!!!


Elise H said...

Hey Naomi!! I am so glad to see that you have returned to your blog...I had been missing you. I totally understand how time starts to slip away though.

I had my gallbladder out 14 years ago after my son was born...all went well and the nausea and pain went away. Still have GERD, but unrelated I think. I think you will feel so much better.

I wish I had known you were volunteering at sock summit (though I should have guessed). My friend at the Periwinkle Sheep was there and I had knit some socks for her booth. Would love to hear more about your trips, your volunteering and the Mariners games. Happy early birthday and know that there is someone on the east coast thinking of you and wishing you health and happiness!

Joni said...

You don't owe me an apology. How about adoption as another sister instead? Actually, I am glad you are on the countdown to surgery with that fantastic Dr. Minami. You will feel much better very soon. I am amazed and proud of how you have taken a difficult situation and handled it with grace and dignity. big hugs

Arctic Knitter said...

Wow - how crazy busy you are! Enjoy all of your fun times - Happy early birthday, and good thoughts for the upcoming surgery. I hope you find some time to knit. :0)