Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eight Flights in Two Weeks

A month ago I started this post. It was right when I got back from Denmark.

During my trip to Denmark, Ellen and I took 8 flights in 15 days! This is the first post that will try to document a bit about my trip to Denmark and Estonia.

I just got back from a wonderful trip to see my friend Ruth.

On my way to Denmark I was re-playing in my mind how the internet enabled us to become friends. It all started with her design, the Kauni Cardigan. If you are new to reading this blog, read this old post which explains how we "met".

A few months later in 2007, as Ruth and I were corresponding via email, I had this hair-brained idea. Maybe I should approach Suzanne about Ruth and how popular the Kauni Cardigan design had become because of a post done by the Yarn Harlot. I knew the Yarn Harlot was going to be comng to Madrona. How great it would be if Steph could meet Ruth and vice versa! I was nervous about asking Suzanne about it because I personally did not know Ruth. I did not know if she was a good knitting instructor. I figured "what the hell?".

Some 8 months later I found myself picking Ruth up at Seatac. We had arranged for her to come stay with me. When I told her I would pick her up at baggage claim. I realized "how would she recognize me?". Uh, yeah! I would wear my Kauni Cardigan!

As I waited for Ruth to get through customs, a woman came up to me and asked, "Are you going to Madrona?". I asked "How did you know?". She pointed to Ruth's Kauni Cardigan! I introduced her to Ruth and another knitting connection was made.

Later, while at Charity night at Madrona, I was the moderator. I spoke about how the internet connects us as knitters and I even mentioned the lady I met at the baggage claim. I asked if she was in the audience and she was! I just love how the internet connects us in ways we never could have imagined.

For two years now she has come to stay with me while she teaches at Madrona. This year she even brought her husband, Jens, along for the ride. I am grateful that they enjoy coming to stay as it has allowed us to become lifelong friends.

Back to Ruth's visit this year. During her trip here we talked about me coming to visit her. Before I knew it, Ellen and I were booking flights to go visit her in her neck of the woods!

I really wish I would have taken the time to blog while on the trip!!! I am thankful that Ellen took so many photos. Ruth and I designated her our "official photographer". The photos I am posting are some of the few I took.

Our first full day in Denmark we spent walking around Ebeltoft with Ruth. This is such a charming seaside town! It is absolutely lovely!! No wonder there are many German tourists that flock there during summer. Ellen and I were amazed that even though we were cold(wearing fleece) that there were many people walking around in short sleeves. Ruth reminded us they they come from further north and it was warmer in Ebeltoft than where they were coming from! BRRRRR.

Here is Ellen posing in front of this quaint home. She loved all the different doors on the various homes. She took lots of photos of those and I wish I had those to share a few with you.

A "common" street veiw in Ebeltoft.

Ruth posing for me in front of a common home in the old part of town.

This was taken down near the waterfront. The waterfront is a very tourist-y area. In the background of this photo is the famous art/glass museum(a must see when in Ebeltoft). Here kids are in large bubbles on the water. I wanted to give it a try but I am sure I was over the weight limit!

Hollyhock are everywhere in Ebeltoft. I love Hollyhock. They remind me of my mother.

Next post: Copenhagen


Joni said...

I am so excited to be traveling with you (post trip). What a beautiful area of Europe that is...

Rebecca said...

Naomi ~ glad you're back blogging. Good times, colonoscopies...I think it's the drugs! I hope you're up and back at it right after your gallbladder removal ~ and yet more good drugs, wow. See you soon! Rebecca