Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have never reclaimed a yarn from a previously knit item.

According to the Websters Dictionary, 'reclaimed' is:

To rescue from an undesirable state

Here is a poncho I made years ago - it was cute and served its purpose at the time. (This bad photo was taken with my iPhone in low light)

This yarn, seen below, screamed to be reclaimed. Isn't it pretty? It is Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky 50%wool/50%alpaca in Blossom. I loved this pink color and I loved the yarn. I kept looking at it, listening to it beg to be made into something that could show off all of her good attributes.

What to do with this yarn? I'm thinking Fantine by French Girl Knits.

The photo of the reclaimed yarn shows the yarn pretty darn close to how it looks in person. It was taken with:

My new Nikon CoolPix S60. If you recall I conducted a poll to determine which Coolpix color I should choose. My personal first choice was Crimson Red and that was also top choice in the poll. As luck would have it, MY color was just released! None of the other colors are available yet. I have been playing with this camera and as I suspected, I really love the touch screen operability. So intuitive to use.

I have take *some* photos and I do like the quality of the pictures.

This baby came just in time for OFFF...hopefully I'll remember to actually take some photos rather than get caught up in all the fibery goodness!

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Gail said...

On you, Fantine would look gorgeous. On me, just plain scary!