Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plucky Came to Visit

A week and a half ago, Plucky Knitter aka Sarah came to visit!

I was so excited that she would come to visit and play at Bangrila with me and my friends! I can't remember if it was Amy or Ellen that said I should invite Sarah to Bangrila and see if she would come back to visit us! Lo and behold, she said yes!

Note: What is Bangrila? It is a heavenly get-a-way named using the Bang family name coined off of Shangrila. It is the family "cabin" on a lake in Mason County. And yes, it is called Bangrila. There are even signs on the property marking it "Bangrila".

Wednesday September 3, Sarah arrived at 11:30 am and the three of us picked her up at the airport and promptly headed over to Churchmouse Yarn and Teas where we perused for quite some time. You do know that Churchmouse carries Plucky Knitter yarn, don't you?

We also had to stop off at Mora for ice cream.

We had a whirlwind couple days taking Sarah shopping(shoes, yarn and Trophy cupcake) before we headed out to Bangrila for the weekend where Joni, Melinda, Michale and Bob(Sarah's hubby) joined us.

Sarah got THE cutest pair of red shoes at Market Street Shoes(see Sarah's blog for a photo of them). I spotted them as soon as I walked into the store and they are beautiful! I might have to go back and get me a pair!

Side note: did you know what Crocs makes a line of shoes called You by Crocs? They are adorable, sexy AND comfortable. I tried on a to-die-for, cute pair of 3 1/2 inch high pumps that were amazingly comfortable! I might have to go back for those...for those events I sometimes attend that require something more dressy than Crocs or Dansko's!

Friday we headed out to Bangrila. We mostly sat around and knit(chatted and snacked, too) out on the patio. Oh! Sarah introduced me to a very yummy drink that is low Squirt and Stoli Peach Vodka. A new gnomiejo favorite!

Saturday we headed out to see the couple yarn stores in the area, the Allyn Knit Shop and Fancy Image Yarn

We returned to the patio in the afternoon. Amy started spinning on Ellen's Majacraft Rose. Once Amy got the real hang of things...well it was all over. Believe it or not she already owns a wheel now and is spinning up a storm! Another one has come over to the dark side!

Bob, Sarah's husband, arrived Saturday night just in time for our scrumptious risotto and salmon dinner.

Sunday we hung out for a bit and then Sarah and Bob left to do lots of sight-seeing in the area. Some of us watched the terrible Seahawk game and some folks headed for home. By mid afternoon all my guests had left and I had one more night to myself out at the lake.

I spent a few hours cleaning(this always takes me longer than I think it will - vacuuming, mopping, cleaning all the bathrooms, etc.). Then I had the whole house to myself. Now that I am free from work-life I may just go out there more often. I can't tell you how peaceful and quiet it is out there.

We had so much fun(at least I did) and I look forward to hosting friends at Bangrila again.

I hooked up with Sarah and Bob one last time this past Thursday at Village Yarn and Tea before they were to head home

I don't know how 5 days went by and I did not take any photos of our fun! Check out Joni's blog entry for more detail and photos.

I hope that Sarah and Bob(and Shelby) will come back to Seattle and visit us again!

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