Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Non Knitting Content!

As you know our house is in the process of being re-sided.

Things are going slower than we anticipated(isn't that how home projects always go?).

As you may recall, this is what our old siding looked like and still looks like on one small part of the house where they have not torn it down, yet.

A bit closer detail of the old, yucky stuff!

The new stuff, James Hardie board is almost all done on the north side of the house.

The orange parts of the picture above will be done in a faux sandstone material made by Nichiha which like the James Hardie products are a fiber cement material.

I love the details. We have a rain screen behind the panels and nice metal details in between the boards. The panels are screwed in rather than nailed in to enhance the look and was purposefully done as a design element. I am sure this has added additional time as the installers have to make sure all the screws line up correctly. I am sure the they just love us! I think it looks fantastic.

The south side of the house only has the battons up. Siding has yet to go up there.

The back of our house, or the west side, is what they have been working on last week and this week. This is where the design of the panels was very important to us. We had something specific in mind for the center part of the house. The center part is where it will be painted blood red(sundried tomato) and the panels are also cut in squares...different from the rest of the house. It is a bit hard to see the difference in the photos below.

The two decks require work and that has yet to be completed.

The whole project was to be completed by next Friday. Given that they still have work on the two decks to do before they can install the Nichiha and the south side and east side to get siding up on, as well painting the whole house, I don't believe they can finish by September 26!

By the way...Any of you going to OFFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival)? Drop me a line at gnomiejo@gmail.com if you are going and want to meet up at some point. Ellen and I will be there!


YarnSnob said...

wow..your home looks so unique! very different from UK homes

Sarah said...

But it will be so worth it when it's done! Just keep telling yourself that.

You and Ellen have a great time in Oregon - I want to hear all about it!