Monday, November 26, 2007

Time? Where has it gone?

Obiously I have not blogged in quite some time.

When did I walk into that time machine that transported me a few weeks into the future?

I have been knitting a lot. On what?

Forest Canopy Shawl. Done! Doesn't Greg make a great model?

Modified Monkey with Socks that Rock lightweight. Colorway - Hollyday. I didn't like that the pattern and yarn were not playing well with one another. I decided to knit the foot plain. I like it better in stockinette because you can see the color nuance better. I also did Peggy and Rebecca's picot edge. Love the picot!

Kauni Cardigan. I feel the pressure to get this done before Madrona.

I finished the body, knit the shoulders together and finished one sleeve. I started the second sleeve yesterday. I am debating on re-knitting the sleeve over and working from the outside of the balls. I don't like so much yellow/orange. I have a devil on one shoulder saying I should tear it out and re-knit(me). Then there is an angel on the other shoulder saying "leave it". I must admit...the angel's voice is Ryan's.

Now this is the really, really good part. At my last Nihon session I learned this wonderful bind off for shoulder seams. Jean mentioned how it works well with fair isle. Take a look at this! Can you tell where the shoulder seam is? This is the "Where's Waldo" of shoulder seams! Pretty cool, huh?

Here is some actual homework. My v-neck swatch. The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca. I just love this yarn. So soft. Although you can not tell from this photo, the stitch definition is good. It did blur a bit after washing/blocking. It is just yummy yarn and I am looking forward to working with it.

Yes, yet another NON Nihon project. Greg is going out of town "on business" for a couple weeks to Bonaire for diving. (Can you hear the sarcasm in my typed words? Cough. On business? Uh, yeah. Right. Honey - show me the money!)

This is his Christmas stocking. I said I *might* get it by the time he returns but....I have LOTS of Nihon homework to work on.

Speaking of homework....I just received a blocking board in the mail today. It is HUGE. It will be very useful. Waiting for the blocking board has been useful in procrastination justification regarding my homework. I say to myself "I can't do any homework because I need to block my knitting first". Unfortunately now it is here and I can no longer least not using that excuse!

The raglan is completely done and as soon as I block it I will post a photo.

I do have to get going on my homework.

That said....I do have other homework to do. I'm taking a fair isle color class from Janine Bajus at Churchmouse. Oh my goodness. She deserves at least a couple of posts! (I will do one on the first session, soon)

We need to have some FI swatches done for our chosen design done in colors from our color story(I feel another reason to procrastinate doing Nihon homework). I'm stalled out on that. I need some dedicated time to sit quietly. That will have to wait till Saturday. I drop Greg off at Seatac very early Saturday morning so I'm looking forward to having alone time to be with my inspiration and yarn!

Did I mention I'm also taking a spinning class? I have "homework" to do for that too. I won't have time before Wednesday night to do what I need to do. Well I might get it done if I just didn't sleep!

I could choose not to take so many classes.

Hold on a minute. I think a better solution to this time management challenge is to stop working!

Happy Monday!


Rebecca said...

Now I have sever 'knitter envy'! I can't decide between starting a fair isle vest or finishing a dk weight top-down knows I don't need more socks or shawls! Nice work on all your projects, wow.

Rebecca said...

Of course I meant 'severe'. doh!

YarnSnob said...

gosh you have been a busy bee. so may projects. FCS is beautiful,clever you for modifying th pattern :) I must knit one for myself lol

you do such lovely knitting jealous