Thursday, November 22, 2007


I knit. I cruise the internet. I read. I connect with other fiber artits. I shop.

Do you remember that one TV commercial where the guy is sitting at his computer cruising the internet and this message comes up "You have reached the end of the Internet". This is just a funny memory that came flooding in as I thought about my internet travels.

When I cruise, sometimes I get sucked in. I see something way cool, then say to myself 'I must knit this" or "I want to spin like that!" which then leads to an action.

One week I had received a good number of packages in the mail, my husband looks at it and says "Honey, how could you EVER use all this?". (Mind you he says this in a curious tone, not a condescending one.)

I realized that for me, it comes down to Dreams.

When I see something that inspires me, that prompts me to want to take the extra step of reading, researching and eventually purchasing an item(s), it really is the act of going towards fulfilling a dream.

As a fiber artist, I have come to realize and look at my stash as bridge to my dreams. All those skeins of yarn, all those rovings, represent some dream I had in the past and continue to have for the future.

My stash and my dreams can not be separated. When I look at all the different types of yarns and roving I have I see my journey through my chosen art. It is like a tale of where I have been. I may take a different path with a particular yarn or roving in my stash than what I originally intended. This is where I see my growth as an artist.

It also means that taking some of my stash and selling it or giving it away is a way of fine tuning what direction I want my art to take.

When I explained this to Greg in this way, he said "I understand that. Ok. I get it".

Go for your dreams. They can come true.


Marina said...

Is the turkey still in the oven? Happy Thanksgiving, Naomi.

It's great when your yarn & fibre follow you, but every time I change direction, it seems like my yarn never follow me and I have to buy a new lot of yarn ;-)

margaret in manhattan said...

WOW! you really got some sensational shots ... have a fab day,

margaret in manhattan said...

that's not at all what I said ... I don't know who said that! what I said was, that I totally HEArt THE sheepy slippers that you enabled me with - they're almost never off my feet (unless I leave the house, of course!)

and hope you're not too turkeyfied out there on the "left coast" - we're all draggin' here out east!

Anonymous said...

you put into words something I have sensed about myself but never put into focus - the stash is a bridge to my dreams.

Gail said...

I think of you as a true aesthete: someone who truly recognizes and appreciates quality and beauty. What a wonderful gift.

I love that you mentioned how your path with a particular dream can change. (That explains why I frogged half a sweater because I found a new pattern I like even more.)