Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Toy

Reporting from home. Nice thing about the work I do - I can do it virtually if required. I'm working from home today(have to babysit my husband for the first 24 hours after his surgery - read on) and I'm on my lunch hour. So I can do a quick post.

Oh I'd never drop spindle". You'd think by now I would know better than to make statements such as this(TMK - are you reading this?).

One of my classmates in the Nihon Vogue certification, Candace, was drop spindling during breaks at class. What she was spinning was so beautiful. I crave spinning sometimes and it isn't the most portable activity(with a wheel, that is).

To backtrack and give you some history - Candace actually helped me buy my very first roving at Madrona in January. We were both in the Tailored Knitting class and I saw her fondling fiber in the marketplace. It was her kindness that actually, really and truly, got me over my fear of buying roving(girl you opened the flood gates). She probably isn't aware of this. I didn't have an *actual* fear of roving but it was more of fear of what to do with the fiber and could I actually spin?

I'm in love(I fall in love easily) with my Greensleeves Lady Barbara(.75 0z).
While Greg was having knee surgery yesterday I popped on over to Weaving Works and bought this little gem. I immediately ran home to get some roving. I decided to start with some Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale Pencil Roving in Azure Sky(thanks to LindaK - thank you for selling this to me!). Then I looked in my Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning by Judith Mackenzie McCuin and within minutes was on my way.

I took my handy dandy spindle and roving, some knitting and headed back to the waiting room! I had yet another hour wait before my happy, high, hubby was ready to go home. He's always so funny after these kinds of things because he is drugged up. He's a happy guy!

I had to drop by Target to get his drugs on the way home. I come out to the car after getting the prescription filled and I hear someone has their stereo on full blast. It is Greg jamming out, high as a kite.

Today he's back to a good normal. He's limping around but he is not the type to be down for long. The doctor's office called today to get progress report. I told them he's getting up and down the stairs fine. She said he needs to be restful the next couple days. He's going from his office to the kitchen like he hasn't just had knee surgery. I told him he needs to rest. He replies "I need some exercise - because I've been sitting for two days". Oh geez. He doesn't know how to rest, that one.

I'm enjoying the portablility of this little spindle. What a great thing. I actually spun up a lot for just a few minutes here and there. Pretty cool, huh?

Not bad spinning either in my very limited spinning experience.

I have to admit something a bit strange. I had sleeping dreams about drop spindling. In my dreams I could *feel* what it would feel like, feeling the spindle in my hands, drawing out the roving, winding the fiber around the shaft. When I started doing it, it felt like I had done it before.


yarnsnob said...

oh N...thats wonderful spinning! I so much want to spin but my first attempt was a total disaster. Looking at your spindle, I'm tempted to look for another spindle and try again...I may need help tho! Hope the Hubby is doing ok....knee surgery..ouch

Jamie said...

I know it is fun to work at home but I am dying at work without you! LOL!

bizyhands said...

Naomi-You are such an adventurous girl. The first attempt at drop spinning looks great! Brings back memories... Just a warning: keep feet clear beneath, so you don't have to find out the true meaning of "drop" the hard way. Enjoy your virtual day!

Sarah said...

Your yarn is lovely!!! Ok. I have a mental pic of your hubby (poor thing) high from his meds jamming in the Target parking lot - hilarious! I hope he is on the mend.

: )

Deb said...

Naomi, love this! Makes me really really want to try hand spinning--all those Thursday nights seeing the spinners at VYT were enough temptation but this may prove to be my undoing--I've even got roving sitting in my stash...looks like I'll have to break down and buy a spindle! Great job! Love your blog...

Gail said...

I will not be tempted.
I will not be tempted.
I will not be tempted.
But you make drop spindling most appealing....
I hope Greg is healing quickly, and your work smooths out soon!