Sunday, August 05, 2007

Catch Up!

What did I do today? I was playing catch up!

I had to work 6 days this week(I usually work 4). Work is stressful and incredibly busy for me right now so that doesn't leave a lot of time to do my Nihon homework, or any fun knitting.

The funny thing about time is when I don't have much to spare I find a way to be more efficient!

Today I re-wrote all my class notes from our last Nihon session. I like color coding my notes so I can understand the explanations better. Here is some evidence:

I have been knitting on the raglan. I am at the waist shaping. I went down .25 mm in needle size to do some subtle shaping. You can't really tell from this photo is going in a tiny bit. Now the thing with doing the waist shaping is that you begin and end the shaping 5-6cm above and below your exaxt waist.

I know it looks a lot like it did before I completely tore it out and started over. Believe me, I did start over and when I try it on...I can tell the difference. Amazing both "versions" were done on a US 6. One was 4.25 mm(new and improved) and the other on a 4.00mm(the one that no longer exists).

Now for non-homework related news. Here are my monkey socks. I just LOVE this pattern! I have it memorized and it seems to go rather quickly. I love my Plucky Knitter yarn too. Sarah is a dear. She is benefitting from my high stress level and retail therapy. Her stuff is worth it though and she's sweet to boot! See her blog and her shop!

The monkey's are a bit catty wampus on my foot but I'm in a hurry - gotta be as efficient as possible and this may be a blog record for me - getting it written, pics loaded and published!

One last photo. Dear Ryan made this stich marker and she gave it to me. I've been thinking a lot about her. This whole end of Dulaan fiasco has had me sending her lots of good vibes since the news broke. Go over to her blog, leave comments and give her your support!

Isn't it pretty?


yarnsnob said...

boo!! for having to work so much
yay!! for the monkey socks!! The colour looks great. I started a pair in a multi coloured yarn and the pattern was completely lost. Must try another pair in solid

Sarah said...

Hi there! Your monkeys look lovely!

: )