Friday, August 03, 2007

July Monthly Knitting

I host a monthly knitting/spinning/craft get together at my house. I haven't done an entry on one of these in quite some time.

My fiber buds are usually my guinea pigs on recipes, too. I cooked a vegetarian green chile enchilada dish on behalf of Gail's(vegetarian) birthday. It was very, very yummy, if I may say so myself. In fact Karen has since tried the recipe as well but with chicken and it was a hit with her family. You can find the recipe here.

Here are some photos I took at the last gathering.

Luckily I got a photo of the group without TMK (she was sitting next to Ryan at the right - in front the the painting) in it since she needs to remain mysterious!

Here is a photo of what TMK was spinning. Bella!

Here is Melinda with her what I call "Ruth's Kauni Cardigan". Beanie had to get in on the action as well. They look good together don't they? Melinda - you should knit Beanie a cute little "Ruth's Kauni dog sweater". Just kidding.

Speaking of Ruth. Remember she is not only the person that designed this wonderful cardigan but she sent me the yarn for this? See my February 2007 archives. As you all know out in blog land, once Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, got ahold of this design, everyone wanted to knit this. Now there is a Kauni KAL(which is now closed).

Well I have become friends with Ruth in the past 6 months. I invited her to come to the Nordic Knitting Conference in October but since this was the first year of this conference I advised her to wait and come for Madrona in 2008(Feb 14-17). She postponed her trip in favor of coming for Madrona.

So she is planning on coming to Seattle in February. Yes, she is going to be staying with me and attending Madrona. We have to iron out all the details but I'm so thrilled to have her come.

If you love her Kauni Cardigan design, you MUST see her newest design(also using Kauni Effekt), Autumn, which you can purchase and she will send you a pdf file(13 pages). This pattern is well written and she had it translated into English. Go here then click on Strikning. It is wonderful. Ruth's blog also has photos and she has begun doing some blogging in English.

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on! I was tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger and I haven't had time to post that!

I've also been working a lot and very stressed. Stress means retail therapy. I want to post photos on all the lovely yarn I have purchased from Plucky Knitter and The Yarnsnob. I hope to relieve my workload or else I'll be broke!

I have not had time to put as much time into my Nihon Vogue homework or do much knitting! One of my classmates did a nice article on our Nihon class. If you want to learn more, see this article.

Gotta run!


margaret in manhattan said...

Hi Naomi - I tried (I think) to order the new Autumn pattern from Ruth - but maybe she's not quite "paypal"able -
and maybe you know something more than I?

all the best, and keep up the great knitting work!

yarnsnob said...

thank you for mentioning me on your blog and for your purchase. Your home looks fabulous I wish I was there, what fun that would be!!!

Sarah said...

Sooooo, Madrona - Worth the trip? Hmmm, my mind is reeling with possibilities.

: )