Sunday, March 16, 2008


I found my notebook! I am so happy...yet somewhat embarrassed about it.

I have been sick since Thursday with this darned flu that has been going around. I was feeling pretty puny for a few days. I got to a point where I didn't even want to knit! I know, seems impossible!

What does a knitter do when they can't concentrate on a pattern?

They spin.

I could not find my orafice hook. I knew I had it at Madrona. I looked in my Little Vicki bag and there was my notebook. Makes sense doesn't it? Last time I had my notebook was in my class with Judith...with my travel wheel.

Yes, spinning is such a relaxing thing to do. I could do it even if I felt like I could do nothing else. You know the A-types. Can't NOT do *something* while battling a cold/flu.

I finished up my very first attempt at navajo ply. Don't look too close. It is underspun in some places. I tried really hard not to over ply. It is going to take some practice but it turned out ok.

Anyway....more on Madrona.

I attended a lunch reunion for student's that have taken Janine Bajus' colorwork class. It was so cool to see what some folks had done/worked on. One student's work, Kim Magden, had done something amazing. Wow. Here she is with her "swatch".

Closeup of the swatch:

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I had the opportunity to take two classes with Judith Mackenzie McCuin. Spinning a fine lace - I learned so much in the first 15 minutes. I got some really great tips and tricks to spin a very fine yarn. I was amazed at what I could produce and how fine I could get just by adjusting a few things on my wheel. So darn cool. She is amazing.

I also took her Spinning for Socks class. This class was so worth it. I learned a lot and can not wait to practice what I learned. She made us take 4 or 5 samples of some really outrageous colors and had us spin them together. What resulted most times was an amazing yarn - not outrageous at all! I have a lot to learn about spinning! Judith is very generous with her materials. I have so much to play with! :)

The next two photos are just some random photos I think are pretty darn cool. Why?

I just love these kinds of events, where you can be with your people! People come and just hang out - there are always folks hanging out in the rotunda.

I was amazed at how people line up for the Saturday night dinner which highlighted Judith Mackenzie McCuin as the speaker. It is like a stampede to get into the room so you can get a good table!

I do have homework to report on...just no photos. I am moving right along on the round neck cardigan. The back is completely done, the right front is done and I'm moving right along on the left front. Still no sleeves done yet. I have not yet cast-on for the V-neck cardigan. Boy...I have 3 full weekends before the next class. What I have left to do: Knit fronts/back/sleeves up to bustline/sleeve cap for the v-neck cardigan. Finish blocking and put together the v-neck pullover. Finish knitting the round neck cardigan and put the sweater together, knit a swatch for a vertical button band, document my projects including drawing a 1/4 scale of my patterns in a notebook along with a photo of the item as well as document all calculations. That is a lot of homework to do in the time I have left!

I know I would have an easier time meeting my homework deadlines if I did not do any other knitting. That is just *not me*. I must do other knitting. It is like keeping me sane while doing my homework. It is the same activity but it is a relief from homework. Seem insane? be it! :o)

I did finish my BMFA socks though. The toe is a little bunchy but I can live with it. Can you believe I finished a pair before the next shipment of the sock club arrived? Unbelievable!

One other thing I had to start. I am making the Spring Blossom Shawl for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I am hoping to actually start this early enough to get this done in 9 months! I am using Toots LeBlanc fingering merino/angora. So yummy to work with!! I have to make myself leave this alone because it is so addicting to work on.

I also made progress on my mindless sock knitting.

I knit the second sock using Knit Picks Harmony circular needles in 2.0 mm. You know what? I really like these needles. They seem to put less stress on my hands and wrists. I don't know if it is because the wood is gentler on me than my addi's. Dunno. Just like 'em.


Rebecca said...

Nice post. I like it when you cover so many things at once. Glad you found the lost, glad you're feeling better, glad you're spinning again and learned so much from Judith; thanks for the Madrona photos and all the rest. I'm spending so much time on Ravelry that I hardly ever check my blogs any more. This could be a trend...

YarnSnob said... glad you're feeling better, i too caught the flu when I was away. Spinning looks great, you were always a good spinner :) Where do yu find the time to do so many things????