Monday, December 24, 2007

Arrived on Christmas Eve! Perfect Timing!

When I got home from work, this was sitting in our living room. Yeah!!!!

I love getting things from overseas! This package was from Virtual Yarns.

Enclosed in this nice packaging was a book that I have been dragging my feet in purchasing.

It is The Children's Collection by Alice and Jade Starmore. I love the elephants design(reminds me of S.Africa). See Karen's latest blog post on December 24th, 2007. You will see the design I am talking about.

The next photo deserves a little explanation....

At my last monthly knitting gathering Melinda arrived wearing a lovely scarf. It looked so cozy and warm. It was just beautiful.

I was smitten. My brain said "I must knit this!".

Melinda was wearing the Seaweed Scarf. She did some nice blog entries on it. Here is what will be my Seaweed Scarf with 2ply Hebridean in the Wild Orchid colorway:

I absolutely love Virtual Yarns packaging. Even the tape is nice:

What? Nihon homework? Yes. I AM doing my homework! Just no details yet! I have to take photos.

Yes, I did knit something for Greg for Christmas. That photo to come as well.

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margaret in manhattan said...

oh my - I'm first? I think you will be thrilled with book #1 - I wasn't able to suss what the other thing was ... anyway, I'm sure that everything that you make/do will be sensational - I'm off to eat my Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs -

old fart here wishes you and yours a totally HNY!