Saturday, September 11, 2010

My baby turns 16

Chase, my purebred Yorkshire Terrier, turns 16 today.

We all have memories associated with 9/11, mainly terrorist attack related.

For me 9/11 is very special because Chase was born on this day.

I bought my first house in May 1994. Most people are thrilled to buy their own home because it is a sign of success. I was thrilled because that it meant I could get a dog.

Growing up I loved animals, bugs, birds, etc. I felt a connection to all living things and dogs were at the top of that list.

I moved in to my home and settled in. In the fall I started thinking more seriously about getting a dog. I read books and researched to figure out what dog breed would be a good fit for me. My main criteria was a non-shedding breed. I read books on Yorkshire Terriers. I was almost directed away from them because I read they were hard to housebreak.

Not Chase. He was so easy to house train. He just seemed to understand what I wanted of him. He even scratched at the door when he needed to go potty. I remember the first time he scratched at the door. I was shocked. I didn't know how he learned to do that but he just started doing it. It took two weeks to house train him. I am not kidding you.

When I got Chase he weighed a whopping 2.5 pounds. He was beyond adorable(and still is, in my opinion).

I am grateful every day Chase is alive. A Yorkshire Terrier's life expectancy is 12-15 years. What a gift that he has surpassed this milestone. I keep hoping for at least a couple more!

Chase is small(but a giant in Yorkie terms - he is at the top of the standard; 9 pounds) but he has a huge personality. He is always on the hunt for food. If he isn't sleeping, he is looking for food.

He loves to eat. He lives to eat.

Interestingly he loves to eat hibiscus flowers. When I had a hibiscus tree in the house he would inhale those flowers whenever one would drop to the floor. I would even find him on his hind legs getting into the pot, hoping to find more spent flowers.

Sometimes I would find him standing next to the tree, whining. He would look at me, then look up at the plant, then back at me. Yes, Chase. I know what you are trying to tell me but you know what? There are no flowers to give you!

This summer Greg purchased two hibiscus plants to decorate the back deck area.

Chase smelled out the hibiscus flowers.

It is obvious Chase has been here.

Caught in the act!

Is that tasty, Chase?

Chase, you didn't finish your snack!

Everyday with this guy is an adventure and a gift. He brings me so much joy, happiness and peace.

Sometimes he has accidents in the house now. I can't blame him, really. His human age equivalent is 112!!!

Boy, I love this guy.

Happy Birthday Chase!!


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natureboi said...

i am glad to know that you have such a love for animals.. i am the same way. i am only 20 years old so i have a while to buy a house.. but i too cant wait for the day i have a house so i can get a dog.. i live in an apartment right now and it just wouldnt be right.. i think about getting a dog all the time however.. when i was growing up my family had a dog named bowser.. :) i loved him so much.. but he lived a very long and happy life of 16 years. he was a doberman/rottweiler mix.. i know that he sounds mean, but he was absolutely the sweetest dog ever.. i miss him and think of him all the time. and i think its soo funny that ur doggy eats flowers.. lol. he sounds awesome..

LinWots said...

Lovely dog! Congratulations on his birthday. He is chewing flower very funny. Probably the flower smelled VERY tasty!

Joni said...

Happy Birthday Chase! You are such a cutie and looking mighty fine for 16. The well loved look suits you well!

Marshall Lynch said...

happy birthday chase you are so cute.
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WoW! such an adorable dog. . love your blog.=)

Anonymous said...

that koi pond is is chase of course! karen

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It`s really sweet dog.He is so neat and clean.Loved the post!

Barbara Gordon said...

Your dog is so pretty, but like us humans, we get old to and it's time to pass on. Enjoy the dog as much as you still can...

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Casso said...

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