Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yes, I AM doing some knitting


I always, whether I blog about it or not, have some knitting going. Usually I have Nihon Vogue homework to keep me busy but I needed a break from it.

While on vacation(I know, everyday is vacation for me nowadays), I am even taking a break from Nihon Vogue.

As most knitters can relate, trying to decide what knitting to bring on a trip is harder than what clothes/shoes to pack. Again, as most knitters will agree, they usually take too much knitting along, ever optimistic as to how much knitting one can actually get done on vacation!

What I *have* managed to make progess on are the following.

The Stalwart Left Right Socks. This yarn was a definite splurge AND unexpected purchase at Madrona. The fiber is basically the Merlin product by Louet but hand-dyed by Tactile Fiber Arts. I bought two skeins(I know, a $62 pair of socks?) but I just wanted to make Greg some special socks for summer. They will be very hard wearing with the linen. Since Greg is not good about hand washing his hand-knit socks, I thought this would be a good fiber for him - he can wash them in the washer and stick them in the dryer. I heard good things from a fellow student in my Cat Bordhi sock class. She swears by the wearability of this fiber combo.

Here is my progress. Notice I am using Knitpicks harmony dpns. Well, I had Greg try them on as he has very thin ankles and I wanted him to try them on to make sure they were not too big. I start out on a 2.5mm and just about a couple inches down from the cuff I transition to 2.25mm. When he was trying them on he was having a hard time getting the sock over his heel. Instead of gently pulling them on, he just bullies the sock on. Snap! Good thing Knitpicks come with 6 dpns. I think this is a clear example of why I need to invest in the Signature Knitting Needle dpns. I have one coveted pair and at $55 for a set of 5, it is a real investment. But I must say, a worthy investment. I love them.

Sorry I got distracted. Here is my progress.

I also like to have a no-brainer knitting project along. At the last minute(you know, you are stuffing a skein of yarn here and there in the suitcases) I put in my Summer of Love colorway from Plucky Knitter. I bought this at the last Stitch 'N Pitch. As a side note, is there a Seattle Mariner fan out there that isn't completely thrilled to have Griffey back this season? I'm over the moon! Looking forward to our season tickets! Here I go again getting distracted.

Here are my Summer of Love Nutkin socks. I love the Nutkin pattern. Mindless, yet interesting. I love how the color splash is spiriling around the sock.

At Madrona, I bought some to die(or is it dye) for wild tussah silk/merino lace yarn in the colorway Plum Thunder(sound like it would be *my* color, doesn't it?) from Curious Creek Fibers. I am knitting the Mandala Shawl. I am enjoying this very much. I started knitting this at Madrona and was almost done with Chart 3(on a US4) when I realized that I didn't like the fabric. Back in some dark corner of my brain, I heard Catherine Lowe say "Why wouldn't you do a large swatch for a shawl?". Well, lesson learned. I had put many hours into the shawl and had to frog. Don't get me wrong. I happily frogged it knowing I would be much happier with the end result. I enjoyed knitting it so much that I will enjoy is just as well the second time around(this time on a US7).

Here is lies on the chaise lounge looking like a blob of seaweed. Laziness prevents me from putting it on a longer circular needle to show off its detail.

I feel bad for you folks back at home that braved the snow and are dealing with a good dose of rain. I hate to say how nice it is here where I am. It is nice. It is about 80 degrees with light winds. I'll send sun your way!

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