Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It has been awhile


I've been away for quite some time.

How is it that I hosted Ruth Sorensen and Jens Mikkelsen for a couple weeks, then went off to Madrona and I didn't take any pictures?!!!

I think I *may* have some photos on my laptop at home but not on the laptop I am working on in the next couple weeks.

Madrona was a blast. I had a great time. I shared a room with Jen(who just became an owner of a Jensen Tina II spinning wheel - another one bites the dust!), Amy, and Ellen. We happily were able to get an adjoining room with Melinda, Michale and JoniO.

I took a few classes. I took Catherine Lowe's Foundations of Couture Knitting. This was a perfectionist's dream. Talk about attentiveness to detail. Catherine is amazing in her attention to the little things. I got a lot out of the class and I was glad I took it. I would like to learn more from her.

I took Cat Bordhi's Hybrid Sock Architecture class. This was an all-day class that I thought could have been a good half day class. Much of what I learned in the class can be found in her sock book. Cat is very entertaining and a very good teacher.

I also took Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting for Speed and Efficiency. This class was worth its weight in gold. I am a fairly proficient knitter(can knit 50 sts per minute) but if I can get this Lever Knitting down, I can really speed up my production. I have been trying to practice a bit everyday. Its like learning to knit all over again. I know I can *get* this technique with practice. I remember all those years ago when I taught myself to knit that I never thought I would be able to relax and knit. I know at some point, this lever knitting will feel like second nature as well.

Where have I been? A couple days ago Greg and I hiked down a road to see these petroglyphs.

I crack up about the island culture.

On the mainland, you would see signs directing you to a sightseeing place like this. No. Not in the islands. It is like "island time" but directed at where to go.

We get to the road and find where it says basically that you will find the petroglyph's by hiking down this rocky road. We walk down the road and see the only thing that looks like it could have petroglyph's there. We see this very, very "OSHA nightmare" platform(how they describe it in the guidebook Maui Revealed) and we don't see anything. We hike around this area and don't see any petroglyph's. Then we run into this couple from Colorado and ask them if they saw the petroglyph's? No.

We go back to the area we initially hiked up to. We aren't talking hiking trail. We are talking overgrown, dirt, steep incline up to this "platform" which is very sketchy. It is pretty dangerous. There were no signs posted. Nothing. Funny!

We are on Maui right now. Enjoying some relaxation and warmer weather.

As I gain a bit more color(looking more native - my dad was born and raised in Hawaii) I think about something Jens said during his visit. He was incredulous that there can be such discrimination towards people of color and yet people lie out, go to tanning salons to get more color!

I did bring some knitting along. No Nihon Vogue homework!

I brought a lace shawl and a number of sock projects.

As I leave you today, a birthday shout out to my friend JoniB. She is celebrating a milestone birthday today! Happy 50th Joni!!

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