Monday, January 12, 2009

Grafting the Dolman Shoulder Seam

As I was happily graphting (I say facetiously) 129 stitches on the shoulder seam of my dolman, I thought I would break up the monotony by taking some photos of what I was doing.

Setup: Put the piece of the garment with the live stitches closest to you, right side facing. The piece with the bound off stitches goes above the piece with the live stitches, right side facing.

Step 1: Go into the first stitch on the piece closest to you with the live stitches, purlwise. Leave on needle.

Step 2: Find the first stitch of the bound off piece. You will see a 'V' shape and you want to go behind the two legs of the 'V'from right to left.

Step 3: Go into the first stitch on the front(live stitches) needle knitwise(left to right) and take off the needle.

Continue with steps 1-3 until all stitches have been grafted.

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Joni said...

What great pics in the throes of the task! did hubby help hold the camera or do you do it all on your own? Nice narrative too!