Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yesterday afternoon there were a couple coyotes in our backyard. One was an adult and the other, a pup.

They are such beautiful creatures. I'm saddened that they have had to come into populated areas to survive.

There have been a few incidents in the past couple weeks that raised questions in my and Greg's minds. The first happened one afternoon while we were sitting in our living room and we heard animal fighting. It was very loud. We both looked at each other and quickly went out the back door to listen to what was going on. Some animal was obviously in distress. Then as quickly as it started, there was silence. The second incidence happened at 2am when we were awaken by loud crying or howling.

This latest sighting brings the puzzle pieces together.

Greg was able to capture a very artsy photo of the adult. I was in my office when Greg called to me. I looked out my office window and there they were. The adult and the pup just lazily trotting across the hillside. I love all animals and they were so pretty. I felt sadness at the same time. They are not in their element.

Everytime Chase and Beanie go outside to take care of their potty business, I am out there as well protecting my pack!


YarnSnob said...

They are beautiful creatures but yes, you must protect your pack :)love the artsy photo

Christina said...

Yes, very good idea to keep close to small animals outdoors if there are coyotes in your neighborhood -- they can be very bold.

I read a blog about a coyote in WY: http://www.dailycoyote.net/ The writer rescued him as a pup after his parents were shot for killing sheep. While it's not a typical life for a coyote, it is an interesting window into an animal that I'd otherwise know little about. And I look at all coyotes a bit differently now.

Denise said...

We had a lot of coyotes at our Eatonville house (many years ago). Our house was on a hill and much of our 5 acres was below by a creek. We had an Aussie who was wild to chase tennis balls and many of them ended up on the lower bit of property.

There was a great view of the creek area from the dining room and one morning we were quite amused to see a coyote down there taking the ball, tossing it up and then catching or chasing it. We had no idea coyotes were so dog-like!

Mind you this did not cause them to be any more endearing when they managed to dine on our chickens. your caution with the wee doggies is well advised!

Joni said...

Love the action shot! Yes, protect the pack at all times Mamma Bear!

Anonymous said...

My interest in following certified Nihon knitters got me to your blog and after you hooked me in with your interesting lifestyle and fun writing style I made time to make it through your archives. Wow!! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Happy Holidays!