Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Covert Knitting!

Now...for the CONTRABAND KNITTING! (My term for non Nihon Vogue knitting projects while taking the Nihon Vogue certification course)

The word contraband is used more in the illegal trade of goods. Maybe I should term my non-Nihon knitting as Clandestine or Covert Knitting. Maybe Cloak-and-Dagger Knitting?

Whatever you want to call it, you know me. I can't just do Nihon Vogue!

I started a Clapotis. Yes, I know. This was popular years ago and I am just getting to this. I have always wanted to knit one. I guess it is like marriage, I was waiting for just the right yarn. This is Sundara's Blooming Fuschia.

This yarn is was one of Sundara's Season's yarn subscription yarns for the summer season. I wrote to Sundara to tell her if I could have created up a color that was *Naomi*, this was/is it. I love the color and I love the yarn base. It is 50% merino and 50% silk. So yummy and cozy. Perfect for a Clapotis. I'm making it wider than the pattern design(I inquired after the packages were sent out to see if she had additional skeins I could purchase). I just want to be able to wrap myself up in it! In person it is more fuschia than purple-ish. It is hard to capture the complexity of the color in a photo.

At the left part of the photo you can see a bunch of my cute stitch markers made by Amy. Her shop can be found here. She hasn't had a stitch marker sale in awhile(hint, hint Amy!).

Here is a photo showing a bit of the dropped stitches.

A couple weeks ago a couple of my friends and I started a Hemlock Ring . What possessed me to agree to do this with them? 'It isn't homework' seems to be my only criteria these days!

I'm making mine out of Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton. I really like working with this yarn. It is very soft and perfect for this project.

Here is yet another project. I love the portability of socks. I always have a pair going(gotta have something to knit on at the Mariner games that doesn't take concentration). This is self-striping Vesper Sock yarn - this one is Serendipitous. I'm a sucker for self-striping sock yarn - especially hand dyed ones.

I also knit a square for Ryan - as you may know she is going through a difficult time. Janine is organizing the project to make a blanket for Ryan. She is extending the deadline to make a square to July 10. See Janine's blog for more detail. Here is my square(Ryan knows about it so I won't be spoiling the surprise of what my square looks like - she has already seen it).

I am dying to start a lace project. I remind myself that my final Nihon project is half lace. I am going to cast-on my final project today...which begins with the lace section.

You see? I can say no to myself to NOT start another project. After all, I can get my lace fix with my Nihon homework! A round of applause, please!



Joni said...

I LOVE the covert projects. How fun! You are a lace addict! Nihon Vogue - almost done, almost done, almost done....

Ryan said...

Thank you for the square, Naomi. It's incredibly beautiful.