Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ruth Sorensen is Here!

I have a break from my busy time here at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat. I thought I would take some time to tell you a bit about my time with Ruth Sorensen.

I picked Ruth up on Monday February 11 at the airport - we agreed to meet at baggage claim. She had to navigate through passport control and I did not anticipate it would take so long. I was getting worried. After all, what would I do if she was not on this plane? How would I find her? No need to worry. She finally got through Passport Control an hour and 15 minutes after her plane landed.

I agreed to wear my Kauni Cardigan so she could recognize me. We met and it was so lovely to finally meet her in person.

While Ruth was retrieving her bags I was standing around waiting when I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn around and this woman asks me if I am going to Madrona. I said "how did you know?". She pointed to my sweater. I asked her how she knew! She said "oh blogs and all that!". She too was going to Madrona. She had just returned from Vienna, was going home to Paulsbo and then she was heading off to Madrona! How cool is that!! Another connection made, to another knitter, just based on our love of knitting. How wonderful.

Ruth is an absolute dear, dear woman. She is easy going, funny and very nice. I am lucky to get to know her better! Even after being up for close to 24 hours she was completely charming!

Here is a photo of some of her lovely hand knit items, of her own design.

Some of her hats...

She made these adorable pins...

Greg took her sightseeing on Tuesday. I had to work so Greg played tour guide. He took her to the Ballard Locks and the Pike Place Market. Then the ladies of Village Yarn and Tea took us out to dinner.

From left to Right: Ellen, Ruth, Kari, Victoria, Deb

Wednesday we hung out a bit at home before heading down to Tacoma.

Here she is hanging out with Chase(he is a very good doggie ambassador).

This next photo is kind of funny. Here is Ruth taking a picture of this huge prawns we ate. She was amazed at how large they were. She joked that everything in America is big. So she had to take a photo of these HUGE prawns.

I have so much more to "talk about". Madrona has been a whirlwind of activity. I am going to take this morning to relax before I go help out with Ruth's hat class this afternoon. I will post again soon....


Vivian said...

You are so lucky to have Ruth in your company! :-)

Send her my greetings!

Sarah said...

What a lovely weekend it was!