Saturday, December 16, 2006


As many of you may know(or not) the Seattle/Puget Sound area got hammered by a big storm a couple days ago.

We have been without power since Thurday night about 10pm. We got power a few hours ago(Saturday).

I am giddy happy that we have electricity! Imagine going into a room and turning on the light switch and the light actually goes on! How many times did I, while holding a flashlight in my hand, go into a dark room and just automatically try turning on a light? Yeah, um hello? Anyone home? I guess not! Maybe my brain was frozen so it wasn't working very quickly. Yeah, that's it!

Yesterday afternoon G and I spent most of the afternoon and evening at Northgate mall, or maybe I should call it the local human zoo. We wandered around and had dinner there since we had no power and our house was cold. We do have a fireplace that I sat next to all day but once darkness hit, my options of what to do became very limited. So off to the mall we went.

We came home about 9pm and got a fire going in the fireplace and eventually went off to bed. When we woke up this morning our house was about 48 degrees indoors. BBBrrrrrr.

So...we went off to Starbucks where they had power! We met these two very nice ladies and had a nice cup O' joe and conversation. Both knitters! How fortunate for me! They said they would check out my blog and if they do...please email me or post a comment so I can get in touch. Maybe we could get together at a coffee shop and knit!

I'm off to take a shower! Whooo Hooo!


Jamie said...

We had a storm? I had no idea. Just kiding. Glad to have lights and TV back. :) Too bad I don't knit - it would have occupied my time.

bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Oh, you poor kids. Sounds too much like the old days in KC. They say there was a baby boom 9 months after our power outage, but there was mostly frozen paralysis at my house! Nice you made some new knitting buddies. Say, I need to get on the ball and knit myself, now that shopping is done. Enjoy your creature comforts and happy holidays.

Elise said...

I felt so bad about the storms and watched helplessly on television. We in the northeast have thus far had a very mild start to the winter season (I'm not complaining) but I hate to think of you guys shivering to death out west! Think warm knitterly thoughts and I will send some along as well. Hope you are digging out. E